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USA & Ltd. or USA Ltd.?

What to do, when a state becomes a threat to private business and starts to compete with them? Should we start collecting taxes to our business so we could support our R&D better, or should we fake us to do the subcontracts to the government? Please compare.

Finland – A red capital flow of a socialist State is mainly regulated by our end legal reps and red police.

Why? A State(?), that overcharges its citizen or acts like a business corporation is a threat and a competitor to any private business:
a) Overcharging from its services, which are based on laws, can not simple be anything else, that a clever camouflage of communism; in Capitalism one has the freedom to choose, which serves and products he or she is willing to use and from which one wants to pay.
b) Government tax and fees are not based on voluntary consumption or free pricing.
c) People in charge of law earn their money from government assignments – not from free assignments. This is called communism and it favours false judgements due to legal staff salary payments. For the economical capital cycling it also means double income to legal reps which commit the judgments and are the enforcement force.
d) All false judgments means lost blue capital (real capitalistic capita) to socialists and communists practising their “business? via government. Major blue capital travels to few region in Finland, one of which is ex-labour city called Tampere.
e) People in charge of false judgments and letting blue capital flow to socialists can not legally punished, even law allows to do so (SL OIK 1:12), since our legal enforcements in run by a socialist state. This would mean intelligence agencies following a foreign Finnish law (SL OIK 1:12) in property returning and legal enforcement operation. It would also mean a legal (SL OIK 1:12) licence to kill Finnish judges, lawyers and police commissioners.

While I gave a telephone call to CIA, I was told that USA in not interested in where their consumers, investors and businessmen money flows, and what purpose it serves (here next to Russia). At least we all can be happy for one thing; money from socialist and communist investors is as welcome as from western bankers (if one needs any). Maybe in the future USA will run on Russia or Finnish red capital. In this way socialists and communists could own you and order you to do what ever they fee like, which is the case in Finland.

In the old days we at least had millionaires, who flew or smuggled guns at their own jets, so we could purchase them freely to protect our families and property.

You see, once you have lost you property to a dishonest lawyers, you wife gets f*#ked by the same lawyer after he/she broke the family, and the same lawyers drives with Chrysler on your cost – you just feel like letting it all end according to our own law allowing us to kill them.

This is why I believe more to the law and right to bear arms freely.

Åke Tyvi
IT-Engineering Student

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