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Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

At approximately 1:30 p.m. today six large military helicopters were sighted flying over the Santa Cruz mid-county area. They seemed to be flying especially low and, as such, were extremely noisy and obtrusive.

When I contacted Santa Cruz County's emergency services (911) department, the attendant told me that they had no notice of exercises to be carried out in the area or prior warning about the choppers. She mentioned that she had never seen (such a thing) it before, but felt that there was no cause for alarm, that "they were just passing through."
Below is a website with a description of what appeared to be the type of helicopters spotted over Santa Cruz today.

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Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

Wow! That must be a sight to see. I hope I can see some too. It would make me proud to be an American and let me know that Santa Cruz is part of the United States. Kudos to the Dept. of Defense for being ready.

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

yeah, maybe they should fire off a couple rounds at can i sees house as a tax refund... make you real proud to be a red blooded or bleeding amerikkian, its time to get out the RPGs

MH-47 Chinook Helicopter

The MH47 conducts overt and covert infiltrations, exfiltrations, air assault, resupply, and sling operations over a wide range of environmental conditions. The aircraft can perform a variety of other missions including shipboard operations, platform operations, urban operations, water operations, parachute operations, forward aerial refueling point (FARP) operations, mass casualty, and combat search and rescue operations. With the use of special mission equipment and night vision devices, the air crew can operate in hostile mission environments over all types of terrain at low altitudes during periods of low visibility and low ambient lighting conditions with pinpoint navigation accuracy.

The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) currently operates two variants of the Chinook Helicopter.


The MH-47E is a heavy assault helicopter based on the CH-47 airframe, specifically designed and built for the special operations aviation mission. It has a totally integrated avionics subsystem. This avionics package combines a redundant avionics architecture with dual mission processors, remote terminal units, multifunction displays and display generators to improve combat survivability and mission reliability. The "Echo" model also has an aerial refueling (A/R) probe for in-flight refueling; external rescue hoist; and two L714 turbine engines with Full Authority Digital Electronic Control that provides more power during hot/high environmental conditions.


The MH-47D Adverse Weather Cockpit (AWC) Chinook is a twin engine, tandem rotor, heavy assault helicopter that has been specifically modified for long range flights. It is equipped with weather avoidance/search radar; aerial refueling (A/R) probe for in flight refueling; Personnel Locator System (PLS) for finding downed aircrews; Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR); secure voice communications; Fast Rope Insertion Extraction System (FRIES) for insertion of personnel/equipment and extraction of personnel; defensive armament system consisting of two M-134 machine-guns and one M-60D machine-gun; and internal rescue hoist with a 600 lb. capacity.

MH-47D and MH-47E Performance Characteristics

Normal cruise airspeed: 120 knots
Maximum dash airspeed: 170 knots
Normal fuel burn rate: 2750 lbs per hour
Maximum altitude: 20,000 feet

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

Wowie Zowie. Now can feel safe.

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

As crazy as it sounds, one of the things I remember about living in Santa Cruz was the regularity of these military helicopters overhead. I remember back in 1989 seeing a direct correlation between the helicopters appearing and then my friends and I getting sick. It was amazing. I had been sick after I saw a few helicopters overhead and had mentioned it to a friend who also had just gotten sick. We got better, then a few months later, we saw the helicopters again. Several of them in formation circling the Santa Cruz skies. A few days later, everyone I knew was sick with the flu again...I have said for many years that there seemed to be a correlation between military helicopters flying over Santa Cruz and people in town getting sick.

That may sound really crazy but I had another thing happen in Santa Cruz that I will never forget, that has haunted me to this day. I checked out a radical book called Documents from the downtown Santa Cruz library. I took it on the street with me and read it on the mall during street performances. I also took it to Cabrillo College and read it aloud in class, showing how the FBI and CIA had conducted covert operations on peace activists, civil rights activists, feminists, etc.

At this same time period, there was this undercover cop assigned to me on the Mall, I swear. We called him BUN for Big Ugly Narc. He had long gray/white hair, and had this digital clock around his neck all the time and stood around looking like some old hippie, but it was clear this guy was a cop. As a matter of fact, one year at Halloween I went as BUN and everyone knew just who I was and roared with laughter. As BUN, I stood around lurking in corners taking notes all night like BUN does dressed like him. I used to have a part of every show on the Mall where we looked for BUN. BUN was always somewhere within earshot of my every show on the Mall, I would tell my crowd to look for him and we would always eventually spot him hiding in a nearby doorway, etc.

So, I gave the Documents book back the the library. And a few weeks later, I wanted to use it again and went to check it out. The Santa Cruz downtown library said they had never had such a book. We fought for some time over the book's existence, until I located an overdue slip on the book. I brought in an overdue slip with a call number from them to PROVE they DID have the book. They still denied the book existed, I demanded to talk to the person in charge. Eventually I was taken to the reference desk and told to wait there. I waited for a while, and lo and behold, who should walk out from the back room with the librarian, but BUN!! And they had the book in hand! And handed it to me!!! Now *that* was pretty weird!!!

So I do not know what in the hell is going on down there in Santa Cruz, but I swear there has seemed to be weird covert agent shit going on there that you would not expect in such a small town. I do not know if it is just covert government agents like living in SCruz so they just keep spying in that little town, but it always seemed amazing to me how much covert intelligence activity went on in SCruz for it being so small.

UPDATE on Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

I am not a military apologist, but a very likely explanation about the recent helicopters over Santa Cruz is related to the large aid effort underway to assist the victim of the Tsunamis. There are reports about the military currently transferring equipment.

Apparently, the Mid-County region is/was on the standard route of military helicopters over the years. Many people who grew up in this area remembered hearing them, as Kirsten (above) also relates.

Re: Kirsten's Comments

I don't think you're crazy, nor would many local readers.

Many people have written about Chem Trails and there are other documents on the Internet which claim to have found viruses, bacteria, etc. in the residue left by planes flying overhead.

As for your odd experience with the Library and the BUN, you might want to look into F.B.I files that are now available through the Freedom of Information Act. Through information made available by this law, (anti)Vietnam War activists were able to confirm that the harrassment they experienced came directly from the F.B.I. under the COINTELPRO Operation. I also think that you are correct in asserting that Santa Cruz has been "overtargeted" in proportion to its size.

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

They flew over Monterey, too!

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

I see military aircraft all the time. But i've heard a number of reports lately of low flying aircraft along the coast line. Last week two flew over downtown in midday. On NY day, some friends were hiking at wilder ranch, and reported low-flying aircraft. Later that night myself and a friend were on 14th and portola. We saw two aircraft similar to those pictured above, flying south on the coastline. It is likely the increase in activity through this area is related to the rescue operation, or possibly something worse?

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

The CIA's Defense Language Institute (spook language school) is in Monterey, along with the old Fort Ord. Between that and the recent tsunami relief effort, I really doubt that a few extra heavy military choppers passing over Santa Cruz is anything significant. Get over yourselves - you are NOT THAT IMPORTANT.

If they flew extra-ordinarily low, it was just to buzz you and enjoy your paranoia. Military pilots are not bound by FAA regulations.

And before you say it, no, Im not a pro-military warhawk. Soldiers are, at best, misguided sociopaths willing to kill for college money.

But let's be reasonable. They're not dumping chemicals, they're not surveilling you, it's just some joker pilots exploiting your self-important paranoia for a little fun.

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

I think "realist" makes excellent points, especially the part where (s)he sheds light on the basic character of soldiers (good one!). Also, the "Chemtrails" theory is one the most inane I've ever seen. A high school-level understanding of Chemistry, Physics and Meteorology is all one needs to explain contrails completely; they are mysterious/ominous only to the scientifically challenged.


I'm also convinced that CoIntelPros never remotely stopped happening, and that cities of all sizes everywhere have never stopped being subject to the sort of extraconstitutional police activities Kirsten describes. Whether or not that's what she actually experienced is a different question.

Nor do I believe this government is above performing experiments on its own communities without their consent. They HAVE done this; how many times we'll never know (see the superb book The Plutonium Files; ).

Also, even realist's theory as to what this is about ("it was just to buzz you and enjoy your paranoia") reflects a hostility within U.S. military culture toward the very civil society it's charged with "protecting," and this posture warrants attention, concern, and yes even paranoia. They're only on "your side" if you happen to be pro-blood'n'guts and pro-empire, like most of them.

One of the most preposterous things going on today is the alarm Americans are registering as to the malevolence of this government, AS IF THIS IS NEW. Stop listening to your grandmother from the Old Country, she's a sap. This government has NEVER lived up to its grandiose rhetoric, not even a little. Like all governments, it's always been an advancement society for extreme class privilege. If it pursued a novel strategy that included unusual liberalism, that's only because the club members understood the public was A) onto them and B) poised to slice their livers out...

That awareness has atrophied, however, and so we've allowed the checks and balances to become obsolete. The American ruling class has consequently acquired far too much power, and now seems to be undergoing a generational drift into genuine megalomania -- the same shit that happened in Europe over and over, beginning 2,000+ years ago. It's a shame U.S. historians are generally apologists for class power; otherwise our comprehension of history might not have degenerated to the degree that made this possible.

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

I saw these as well- you forget how loud helicopters can be! To add to the point "realist" brought up, Fort Hunter Liggett and Camp Roberts are both in southern Monterey/Norther SLO counties. Hunter Liggett is an Army Reserve training camp, and Roberts is a California National Guard training camp. My thought when those chinooks went over town was that they were transporting troops from Moffett Field (a Reserve and NG post) to Liggett or Roberts. I know that sounds a little too simple an explanation for some, but sometimes the simplest explanations are the right ones.

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

Metarealist is incorrect here:

"Also, the "Chemtrails" theory is one the most inane I've ever seen. A high school-level understanding of Chemistry, Physics and Meteorology is all one needs to explain contrails completely; they are mysterious/ominous only to the scientifically challenged."

Look, there is MORE than enough recent documentation of our government doing biological experiments on humans using the air. In 1965, I was one of those targetted with a nuclear experiment they conducted on Los Angeles VIA AIR...Look it up in the Los Angeles Times, it is right there. There was a COINTEL program that shot biologic agents 200 feet away from gun, that went through light clothing, had no muscular pain when it hit and people were injected unknowingly in the NYC subways for biologic experiementation. This is well documented in the Freedom of Information releases. THere is ample evidence that the US government DOES use biologic experimentation, if not weaponry, on humans without their knowledge or permission. This is not fantasy, it is fact.

There is absolutely nothing scientific or otherwise that would negate the reality that our government uses the air to diseminate biological experimentation onto unknowing humans.

They even had an FBI program in San Fran that gave LSD to prostitutes they brought to a special pad with two way mirrors and the agents would slip acid to the prostitutes, then take them to the pad (whose inventory for its furnishing are also available via the FOI act and are published) and watch...and we PAID for that!

The scumbag past of our government makes it clear they are not above doing anything they want to Americans. And the reality that the air has been used to infect humans is not a new one nor a scientifically impossible one either.

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz


I have used mine for many years, they they haven't gotten to me yet...I think

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

Helicopters passed north of Davenport about 1:25 PM

Becky Johnson and I were traveling north to get Street Spirits (a homeless newspaper) and saw the six helicopters about 1:15 PM or so just north of the Pescadero turn-off on hiway 1.

Big, black, and double-propped.


Hey, "sciencefiction?," go back and read my ENTIRE post. On the matter of this government being utterly evil, experimenting on the public, etc., I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. What I see the chemtrails crowd asserting, however, is that visible contrails always consist entirely of chemical/biological agents, and I'm sorry but that's totally preposterous. In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the spooks cooked this one up themselves to make anti-government types look insane. It has that stink to it.

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

To meta-realist; I'm glad to see that you have the inside information on what our government is and isn't doing to the world, in relation to chemtrails. You want to label people who are following and believing in chemtrails as some type of conspiracy nut? Look at the history of this government... how many experiments have they carried on unsuspecting people? Like you said in your own posting on government experimentation. I don't think chemtrail researchers are saying all trails are chemtrails, but there is an obvious program (cloverleaf)- well known and information leaked by involved people. There is a great difference between chemtrails and contrails. One simple observation is that a contrail will last less than 1 minute. Whereas chemtrails start as a contrail apperance and then spread out into cloud formation lasting hours until dispersing. You only have to look up into the sky and see this evidence. Check out and you can find theories and ample evidence that chemtrails are real and we want the truth about what the government is doing to us. Labelling someone ignorant, when what you wrote shows how little you know about this subject, makes me question your own mentality.

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

That the govt has been documented a handful of times over decades doing chemtrail experiments, is plausible. Fine.

But every time some hippy with delusions of grandeur sees a CONdensation TRAIL behind a military aircraft, they want to put themselves in the limelight as a victim of biological attack.





There is a great gulf called reality between finding documentation on the web of some long-ago sick isolated govt experiment, and being witness to such an experiment first hand.

JFKs and Judi Bari are the exception, not the rule. Every so-called activist here has some kind of hardon to become the next victim of an evil government plot to poison, brainwash, kidnap, surgically alter, draft, spy upon, or otherwise assault them.

Does it happen? Sure.

Will it EVER happen to you? Probably never.

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

That's funny Chemtrails... because I see chemtrails released from planes over Houston all the time. Not one week ago I was standing outside when large white jet was spraying some type of material which within minutes formed into what looked like a cloud. I see this all the time. I know people can die from anything here on this planet and so I'm not going to stress out over will or won't I die from chemtrails. However, if there is an illegial spraying campaign... I think we should know and be concerned people... for all of us!

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

not only has the fed-goz spread chem/bio agents and caused who knows how many deaseses but the increase in known health problems. but also used ultraviolet and infrared scans as illegal searches to catch us with improper items, mean while the cia has sold drugs, light bulbs and what else to fund their operations. if you call for some things and they answer with the last four diugits of the phone number it may be a cia operation!

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

I saw them heading East while I was up at Kresge College yesterday. They were about 1,000 feet above the ground; I counted six of them. I reckoned they were coming from the Lockheed Martin facility in Bonny Doon, but I would take Moffet Field as an acceptable answer.

I am sure whatever it was they were doing had nothing to do with the radical deviants and seditious citizen of Santa Cruz County. Not that they were up to anything good. I can't imagine that they'd be travelling to Monterray or somewhere really far at such a low altitude. But what the hell do I know...

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

"I can't imagine that they'd be travelling to Monterray (sic) or somewhere really far..."

Helicopters travel at speeds of over 100 MPH, in a slow flight. They also don't have to travel over roads, so a trip to Monterey (where there is an airport as well as military bases) could take, from SC, just a few minutes at most. While I don't disagree with "boser"s point of view in general, it should be noted that Santa Cruz isn't the center of the universe!

Hey Dr. whack-job

"One simple observation is that a contrail will last less than 1 minute. Whereas chemtrails start as a contrail apperance and then spread out into cloud formation lasting hours until dispersing. You only have to look up into the sky and see this evidence."

Okay, this is where the basic knowledge of meteorology comes in. The next time you notice these "chemtrails" of yours fanning out and lingering in the sky, make sure to also notice the cirrus and cirro-stratus cloud formations that ALWAYS accompany them. Cloud formation/dissipation anywhere in the atmosphere is a function of atmospheric conditions like relative humidity, pressure trends, and temperature trends. This stuff is NOT CONSTANT. When a contrail disappears rapidly, that's because the air the plane's traveling through is well above its dewpoint, so therefore the condensed steam evaporates readily ("disappears"). If that air is just barely above dewpoint, and is cooling down, the contrail will not evaporate, but will become the nucleus of a cloud, and as corroborating evidence of what the upper atmosphere is doing, you're going to also see cirrus and cirro-stratus throughout this same sky, mixed with hours-old contrails in various stages of expansion. Even the photos in the carnicom bullshit site document this very clearly.

If you really pay attention to contrails, as I have, you'll notice on brilliantly clear days they barely appear at all before evaporating. From here, they show a continuum of behaviors, all the way to "chemtrails." But on any given day, ALL PLANES DO PRETTY MUCH THE SAME THING. Sometimes you can witness contrails behaving differently according to altitude. This is because an atmospheric layer is inhibiting evaporation more than those above and below it, and this is just basic to cloud phenomena in general. That is, cloud formation tends to occur as a distinct layer, because the atmosphere naturally organizes itself into level layers. check it out next time you're in a plane if you don't believe me.

Which theory does a better job of explaining why the sky is filled with "chemtrails" on certain days, but not at all on others, yours or mine? If you now insist that EVERY SINGLE PLANE passing overhead on certain days is spewing chemicals, I swear I'm going to fucking hunt you down and puke on you!

One day when I was twelve (1960s) I spent several hours pondering a "chemtrail" sky and figured this out on my own. What can I say: I'm smarter than you. Sorry about the cheap shot, but don't fucking call me ignorant when you're the one indulging in gross mental sloppiness. I'm saying this as a person who has no aversion to "conspiracy theories" whatsoever WHEN THEY MAKE SENSE.

Carnicom is run by fucking spooks laughing their guts out on a daily basis. Their bullshit is absolutely classic disinformation. You can put that shit in the bank. It really makes me sick seeing people buy into this simple-minded bullshit when there are gigantic REAL problems no one wants to think about. The mother of all environmental problems, for instance: ten times more people in the world than there should be. Oh, what the fuck, let's just shit out another billion.

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

wow, I thought I was crazy. I was in me college dorm with the windows closed and it still sounded really loud. as for the trails i dont think its possible, but I would not doubt somebody on those helicopters was being stupid. as realist states, "Soldiers are, at best, misguided sociopaths willing to kill for college money." and if it was " ...just some joker pilots exploiting your self-important paranoia for a little fun." I wasnt laughing.

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

the fascist new world order police state is here cruzans. They've coopted the natural foods stores with their meat departments and splenda sweetener and have taken over and closed down our alternative media outlets. Time to organize and defend what's left of the planet.
Refuse and Resist!!!!!!!!
WE will hold them ALL to account at the Judgement.

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

ever since i mentioned santa cruz cop watch in my only good news @ a few months ago, i suspect that the government thugs are legitimizing their past behaviors by doing it over in santa cruz as well...sorry about that, the government makes us pay for speaking out...(read bad cop - no donut)

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

oh, and if the helicopters are spraying stuff on the good people of santa cruz, gas masks are available at army surplus stores...the only good thing about military buildups is the extra gas masks that we can use as protection from the government...oh, and the fork, knive and spoon sets are really nice and heavy duty too...

other than that the military is one big terrorists organization if you ask me...

and we never did get any answers on the chemtrails thing...(i have been delivering connection magazine in the silicon valley for thon and pattie for many years, we need them back in santa cruz!)...anyway, were chemtrails some sort of newfangled easy-to-spray-on biological chemical agent like the AIDS 'virus' the defense department spread through smallpox injections in the 1970s, or was it some kind of time released carcinogen designed to cause cancers years after the fact, leaving no connection to the original exposure through the new chemtrails biological agent?...has the US government made the good people of santa cruz pay for their untameable opposition?...

i guess we will never really know, will we?...

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

hi there, lik roper here again...

my goal in life is to be investigated by the FBI like john lennon, and to be the most powerful and embarrassing one-man protest movement ever in the history of the united states...

why?...because i can...



On september 10th 2001, donald rumsfeld called for massive military cutbacks on ABC's nightline...the very next morning...

(go to:

Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

the following was written by william milton cooper back in 1989, and if any of this is true, we may have a bigger problem on our hands than any of us thinks...

hollywood has made so many science fiction movies that have in a sense debunked this potential reality that no one would believe it anyway...i remain open minded to it...

"Due to the wave of crime sweeping the nation they will convince the American people that a state of anarchy exists within major cities. They are now building their case almost nightly on TV and daily in the newspapers. When public opinion has been won over to this idea they intend to state that a terrorist group armed with a nuclear weapon has entered the United States and that they plan to detonate this device in one of our cities. The government will then suspend the constitution and declare martial law. The secret alien army of implanted humans and all dissidents, which translates into anyone they choose, will be rounded up and will be placed in concentration camps which already exist throughout the country. They are each 1 mile square. Are the people they intend to place in these concentration camps destined to make up the reported "batch consignments" of slave labor needed by the Space Colonists? The media, radio, TV, newspapers and computer networks will be nationalized and seized. Anyone who resists will be taken or killed. This entire operation was rehearsed by the government and military in 1984 under the code name REX-84 and it went off without a hitch. When these events have transpired the Secret Government and/or Alien takeover will be complete. Your freedom will never be returned and you will live in slavery for the remainder of your life. We had better wake up and we had better do it now"... - William Milton Cooper


Re: Military Helicopters Flying Low Over Santa Cruz

go to:

Clifford E Carnicom
Santa Fe, New Mexico
May 24 2004

A series of qualitative chemical tests and deductions now confirm without doubt the presence of significant amounts of barium within atmospheric samples. Citizens may now begin the process of collecting the sample materials for formal submission to public environmental agencies and private labs for identification. The testing process can be done at modest expense and the results from laboratory analysis can now be qualitatively and independently verified without great difficulty. Any testing service employed will need to be able to demonstrate no vested interest in the outcome of the results, accuracy of method, and the willingness to have the testing process independently monitored.

The material under analysis has been collected by a plate ionizing filter; it may also be collected with conventional fiber filtration over a longer period of time. HEPA filter collection and subsequent electrolysis of the filter material placed in distilled water has also proven successful. Extended time periods may be required to collect a sufficient volume of material for electrolytic processing and external testing preferences. Readers are referred to previous articles1,2 for two methods of collection. The use of electrolysis is significant in producing a final compound for testing purposes. The solid materials (powder/ crystals) collected by the plate ionizing filter, assuming they satisify the test procedures described on this page, will be sufficient for laboratory analysis. Qualitative chemical tests and flame tests positively establish the significant presence of barium compounds within the atmospheric sample.

Citizens with sufficient environmental concern are encouraged to begin this process of sample collection and identification, along with the documentation of the responses of both public and private environmental services.


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