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Well, There It Is Lads and Gents....The Glorious American Democratic Elections!

And we should export this to the rest of the world?
What a fine display of the people's will in electing the American
Government. That was just BEAUTIFUL....wasn't it? This time
it boiled down to a man (Kenneth Blackwell) that committed
felony acts of voter repression for his candidate, and he has not
even been charged with the crime. In the 2000 election it came
down to a woman named Katherine Harris who did the same
thing in Florida, and she was never charged with a crime either.
Rather she was elected (somehow) to the House of Representatives
in an act of gratitude by the same vote manipulating system. Now,
with electronic voting machines, it's a cinch!

Yes, we have democratic elections.....tell the world how wonderful
they are. Let's topple governments so as to give this wonderous gift
to the people of the world.

It's funny that the Iraqi people are showing the incredible resistance
that we've seen. They must not understand what a glorious thing it
can be when one single criminal can turn an election for a presidential
candidate.......and get away with it. What more could they want? What
more could they ask for? It actually doesn't make sense that they are
resisting our plans for their future government.

No more coup d' more civil more people's
uprisings. It is the dictators dream come true! They can be placed
in power without a single objection.....well, if there is an objection
like happened in Congress today, it is a simple matter of calling
all of them loonies and wiping it away from reality with the help
of the corporate media. It is soooo sweet!

We should all write to our Senators and Representatives and
congratulate them on carrying out this snow job over the American
public. The people are actually buying this as legit, believe it or not.
What an excellent piece of work. Give the people a few channels of
24/7 sports and a remote control, and they are pacified like a baby
with a fake nipple in their mouths. What a remarkable thing. They
don't care to know what is happening, and the major media is doing
their best to keep them in their dream sleep. It works so well, it is
truly hard to fathom the trouble the U. S. is having in Iraq.

It is actually an incredible thing of beauty. Even a massive
movement by the voters can be washed away with a few clicks
on a home computer. Do you see what a technological breakthrough
this is in government? Could it possibly be any easier?

And to keep the facade standing, a simple denunciation of the
vote fraud in the Ukrain, and a call for a new election is all that
it takes to buffalo the people into thinking that things are fine at home.

It doesn't get any can't possibly get any better than this, unless
you could beam something into the brains of the people that would make
them have no interest in maybe massive amounts of sports
and sex.

Give credit where credit is due! This didn't come about overnight. They
have been working on this for years.... decades. It's pure genius....and it
looks as though they are going to get away with it....AGAIN!

America is a nation where breaking it's laws is now rewarded. Did Michael
Milken or Ivan Boesky or Carl Icon or any of the junk bond thieves stop
doing financial crimes? They were slapped on the wrist (if that) and are
still out there causing great harm to the financial markets. You may
remember the 4,300 off shore accounts that Enron stashed their billions
of post-deregulation dollars into. These are the guys that were likely
working with Fastow. But that money is out of the reach of the courts.
The litigation in the Enron fiasco is focused on the number crunching
before deregualation, when they had to lie about their profits.

It's the wild, wild west....boys and girls......because no one is fighting
back (with the exception of Eliot Spitzer and his remarkable team).
That has allot to do with the fact that the public is not being given
the truth by the corporate media, but the truth is out there on the web.
They are leaving it up to each citizen to find the truth if they want it.
The truth is not going to be given to you anymore. You are going
to have to find it for yourself (cause it aint very pretty). But your
mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa may refuse spending an hour
or two a day to find the truth because they don't want to do anything
that a "nerd" would do......see the beauty of it?

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Re: Well, There It Is Lads and Gents....The Glorious American Democratic Elections!

Please forward this Petition today to your friends in the USA.

How to use your money your way!!!
The Petition at the end of this message is for your power and convenience.
Please forward this formula for a flat tax throughout the USA; then freely advertise and publicize it ASAP!!!!!  
President Bush received the following message December 19, 2004; more recently the American Association of Mayors, and the Journal of School Boards. Please urge elected representatives including Congress to support, ratify and enact the flat tax now. We are urgently asking your communication, consideration and endorsement.  Your quick, and thorough follow-through, connecting at every level, matters enormously.  
REFINERS FIRE are Americans seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, loving and prospering one another.
We are inviting and urging you to call, fax and reach U.S. Representatives and Senators such as Don Nickles, U.S. Senator Harry Reid, Senator Rick Santorum, Senator Lindsey Graham, Joshua Bolten who is part of the President's team; state and local elected representatives who are working on the budget. 
 We REFINERS urge the Congress to project the government's income based on 15% of profits only; then set the amounts available to spend.
We the people must not accept a bloated budget, for freedom's sake. 
sustainable, sound, real, viable, bipartisan, common ground
Here's how to support a family on one salary, control the public purse, and be lenders, not borrowers.
The formula for taxation should be the same for all citizens. Equal treatment under the law includes equal taxation under the law; not the same amount, but the same rules apply to everyone, naturally.

Everybody should have an equal opportunity to acquire wealth and to live well. Public policies should strengthen families, and assure equal opportunities for all citizens. 

So that we the citizenry can all see what we are doing with our public funds, effective now, the United States should set one formula to tax everyone at the same rate, 15% of profits only; and STOP every other tax, user-fee and toll. 15% of profits is plenty for responsive, frugal government.
We citizens should not pay to use publicly-owned parks, beaches, school buildings and grounds, or any public asset. Public information including meeting minutes belongs to the people and should be free always. The broad public interest is served by citizens seeking out public information.

Under the legislature's oversight and careful accounting practices, let's allocate our public funds from the 15%-of-profits-flat-rate tax approximately as follows: 

.05% for the federal government including the FBI;
.05% for the state government;
1% for local government;
1% for new roads and bridges;
1% to maintain existing infrastructure, air, water and a wholesome environment;
1% for hospitals, libraries, and schools. We local residents set policies, of course. THE TRUTH IS FREE! (We invite you to look and see
1% for police, jails and justice;
1% to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, help the truly needy; and
3% for the FBI, the military, veterans and their families. 

5% the state, national and local law makers should allocate to other essential projects in the broad public interest, such as research and development, foreign aid and, first of all, paying off debts.  REFINERS urge the legislature to pay off debtors ASAP, STOP wasting money, and STOP borrowing!!! 
Let us encourage and support democracy around the world, follow through to victory in Iraq, and strengthen the United States through sound fiscal policies. We repeat: Good accounting requires that we project the government's income; then set the amounts available to spend.  
Social Security, Medicare and MediCal should each be kept in separate accounts. Private insurance may be the best choice for some people. We REFINERS urge insurance companies to advertise better plans than FICA, Medicare or MediCal.

A loving family is the happiest social security!
    Candidates can win our votes by suggesting specific cuts, eliminating waste and lowering the 15% tax on profits.

FAMILY FIRST. Dad or Mother should be able to afford to stay with the family as much as they choose to. Children need to be at home full time in order to learn unique family values and consistently bask in a parent's love. Life takes on special savor when a child is born. 
ADOPTION. Since public policies should strengthen families, and assure equal opportunities for all citizens, leaders should encourage and facilitate adoption. Let's make it easy for the people to do what is right.
EMBRYOS are never surplus, they are people!!!! Who would have chosen to begin life frozen?

One salary should support a family.

Taxing workers tends to slavery. Only before she starts a family, or after her family is secure should a person save for a business, if she chooses to create one. Only after our family business makes a profit should we the people contribute to the public purse. NO PROFITS, NO TAXES!

The money belongs to the earner until he spends it as he will. 
Any worker who wants to donate to his government is always free to do so; but taxes should never again be withheld from a paycheck.  
Good government has a natural interest is fostering healthy businesses and in pruning away failed experiments. We urge every American to help shrink the size of government and enlarge personal paychecks!!!
Attention Administrator, Facilitator:

Thank you for providing space where citizens can exchange ideas and compare perspectives regarding public policies. Thank you for considering and sharing this plan which we believe is in the broad public interest. We hope you agree that every American has a right to look at it, and that you will pass it on today to as many as you can.

As websters, let us think again about SPAM.  
Freedom itself is worth more than mere convenience! Let us always be ready to communicate!!! We REFINERS believe that one man's SPAM is another man's bread and butter! "Better to hit delete than knock a man off his feet!" 
The First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution acknowledges the right of every citizen to freedom of expression; that includes the internet!!! Registering to communicate out is unwise. Also, blocking incoming messages would put us back into the valley of isolation, never venturing more than ten miles in either direction. Freedom is the essence of the internet to everyone equally.
We websters can raise standards by refusing to open wasteful or harmful messages.  As much as we hate filth, rudeness, and crudeness, we love freedom more. Freedom is worth sorting the chaff from the wheat. No software can tell good from evil; that job falls to the people.  
One important function of government is to maintain borders. REFINERS FIRE urge the body politic to endure no half-citizen-status nor slave status for anyone ever!!! Every American citizen is free and shall be perpetually free forever!!!

If the people energize this plan to tax everyone by one formula, it will work for good for business, good for families, good for the Country. 
If anyone can suggest a tax formula that is better, simpler, and that would tax individuals and families less, we invite lively debate. We invite every candidate for political office to support equal taxation under the law, and to comment on setting taxes at 15% of profits only. Candidates can win our votes by showing how to cut waste and reduce the 15%. 

February 11, 2005
Dear Fellow Citizen,                                           
Please notify the Government Printing Office, the IRS and other tax gatherers to STOP THE PRESSES. The United States of America no longer requires old, obsolete tax forms!!! Rather, prepare to allocate general funds according to 15%-of-profits received. 
If you realized a profit in 2004, please write four checks:
2% to the IRS
3% to the State 
4% to the County and
6% to the City.  
Throughout the year, watch where your money goes. You could put it where you want it. Be vigilant.
All together now let's discard the rubbish of outdated over-taxation! Hip hooray and hallelujah!!!!! Time to trash the tax forms!!! Parade!!!
For fairness, freedom, and for the well-being of ourselves and our progenitors, we the people refuse to accept a bloated budget.
We, the undersigned citizens of the United States of America, hereby urge you to project the government's income based on 15% of profits only; set the amounts available to spend; follow sound principles of accounting; and maintain a balanced budget.
We support the foregoing message and urge you to ratify it now.
Name Address I am a voter (yes or no)
Please pass it on!!!


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