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Spay and Neuter Your Heterosexuals

The streets are full of them, breeding is out of control, and how many more have to suffer without good homes before something is done? This web site helps solve this terrible problem.
See the attached link for more information.

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No To Forced Sterilization!

“More than one billion children do not have access to at least one of the following: shelter, water, sanitation, schooling, information, healthcare and food.?

The site lists similar such problems as well, and blames all of this on population growth.

This is pure rubbish. The single biggest cause of the problems listed is capitalism and its imperialist world order. The resources exist in to fix the problems under the current population, but capitalism has no will or ability to do so.

Defend the right of women to control their own bodies! Free Abortion On Demand Through National Healthcare! No To Forced Sterilization! For Women's Liberation Through Socialist Revolution!


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