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Actual Astrology for Jan. 15 - 24

These predictions, based on Actual Astrology, are rather like a weather report. No matter what your sun sign, these are the astrological conditions of the days ahead.
January: the Month in Review

This month is the last before Jupiter, ruler of luck and expansion, turns retrograde for four months. Retrograde is when a planet, due to the relative positions in our respective orbits, appears to go backward. While this is an optical illusion, the effects are no illusion. When a planet goes retrograde, those things that planet rules are less accessible. So this is the time to take all those actions that require extra luck. Push to rise up and out of the rut in which you find yourself. The extra effort this requires won’t be easy, due to Saturn’s retrograde, but in six weeks, things will be so different astrologically that it won’t even be possible. Force yourself to do what you must and don’t stop just because you step on somebody’s toes. Clarify to those you must that, starting now, you are making an all-out effort to work toward your goals and will consider any interference, even disguised as helpful or sound advice, as sabotage. Remember too that those times that are the luckiest and best for you don’t always find you feeling your luckiest or best.

All times are given in Pacific Standard Time

Saturday January 15th

Stop. No kidding, stop. Don’t even try to meditate. It’s a mean, mirey day and you should stay abed.

Pisces moon.
Mars sextiles Uranus 2:42 AM
Moon squares Venus 10:59 AM
Moon squares Mercury 11:36 AM
Moon sextiles Neptune 11:11 PM

In all of life’s hurly burly, there are good days and good reasons to rest. Today is just such a day and the reason is that it is just such an astrologically ugly day that the only intelligent thing to do is hide. Let this hiding take the form of closing yourself off from the world for the day and resting. Do what you enjoy that doesn’t take people. To the degree that you do have to be interactive with people, be careful. The slightest thing can set another person off or, worse, wound deeply and you would never know. Err on the side of caution; be overly thoughtful and quick to apologize. People are in much worse shape today than it appears. Don’t upset apple carts or rock boats.

Sunday, January 16th

Stay abed. Today is hard work, no reward, too much energy and not a bit of luck. Recharge and restore.

Pisces moon goes Void as it enters the 4th House of the Home at 11:01 PM.
Moon trine Mars 12:16 AM
Moon opposition Jupiter 6:36 AM
Moon trine Pluto 3:33 PM
Moon square Saturn 4:13 PM
Sun square Moon 11:01 PM

Here’s a rare and lovely weekend day to do even more of the nothing you were doing yesterday but today you don’t have to be quite as scrupulous about spending it by yourself. Your fellow creatures are a bit more human today although apt to be full of tales of woe. Go with the flow. Your role model here is Florence Nightingale. Psychically speaking, the walking wounded who usually interfere with plans aren’t a threat today, as today you should have planned not to have any plans and spend at least some time helping others. This is important but it is not so relevant as to have much value outside of today. Don’t take the passions of others seriously.

Monday, January 17th

Don’t be in any hurry to fling yourself into the work week; you’re not really up to speed. Take it slower.

Pisces moon is Void until entering Aries at 10:18 AM.
Moon sextile Uranus 1:00 PM

The weekend will have been difficult at best and if you handled it in the best manner, you should not be too tired nor too distracted but not too quick to fling yourself into things, as those around you whose thoughts and feelings make up the psychic tide aren’t generating the best of atmospheres. So, have planned for this. Be ready to start pushing your ideas again, all the while realizing that through no fault of your own, people will be contrary, rude and obstructive and those will be the good ones. The less you need rely on others, the better. Even so, don’t push against that tide too hard.

Tuesday, January 18th

Act now, rested and restored and ready for this hour. Use your power and your charm. The sooner the better.

Aries moon
Moon trine Venus 12:54 AM
Moon trine Mercury 2:47 AM
Moon square Neptune 7:54 AM

Here’s where a sense of genuine astrological timing pays. The last three days have been draining and those who fought against that will be exhausted and that happily will not include you so you should have the reserve and resilience today to act when it really counts. Still, one must be civil. The first part of the day is the best part and the worst part isn’t bad enough to stop you. The greatest advantages lie in aggressively directing those who are still not thinking clearly toward those goals which clearly serve you and are in fact to their betterment. Don’t be greedy, just pushy.

Wednesday, January 19th

Aries moon goes Void at 1:27 AM until entering Taurus at 11:14 AM and the 5th House of Creativity at 2:22 PM.
Moon sextile Saturn 1:27 AM
Sun trine Moon 2:22 PM

Nothing too colorful. Just swing back into work but make that a full swing. The hard stuff’s easy today.

Keep up yesterday’s effort but don’t be so demanding, especially in your expectations of fate. Don’t expect it to be easier today; however, don’t lose sight of the fact that today is just as worthwhile as yesterday and by compounding your efforts you will magnify yesterday’s results. Keep pushing. While pushing, you can expect others to be easier to get along with today and that is an advantage. However, this ease and sociability does not mean that people will be more helpful, just less of an interference, so don’t expect too much of them. Lower expectations for the day and don’t try to be perfect.

Thursday, January 20th

Taurus moon.
Moon square Uranus 12:00 AM
Moon trine Neptune 7:35 PM

Keep up the push from yesterday; the stars are of very little help but no detriment at all just now.

Today the stars are like people were yesterday, not much help but no obstruction. Despite the efforts of the week thus far, keep on pushing and whimsically remind yourself of how last weekend you didn’t think you’d need all that rest. The inner voice that tells you it’s all too much work is just tiredness. You should expect it and you should not listen. While pushing today, set the stage for tomorrow. Recognize that people will not be in the best of moods, to put it mildly. Anticipate as well that you will have a lot of energy but probably not nearly enough patience, so having a plan to put that anger to work pushes you ahead. Releasing that anger through venting is of no advantage to you and no good for anyone else.

Friday, January 14th

Aquarius moon enters Pisces at 3:50 AM and the 3rd House (Everyday Matters) at 9:25 AM.
Moon squares Pluto 6:42 AM
Moon trines Saturn 7:45 AM
Sun sextiles Moon 9:25 AM

Try. Your week shouldn’t have been too disrupted by yesterday but make a valiant effort now for more.

Now again, the forces favor real aggression on those real goals, very different from yesterday’s temptations to expend aggression on the dim and undisciplined who were just getting in your way. Work comes more easily but you have to focus to get the results. Today’s easier. Don’t rest. As the day wears on, there will be seen among the better folks a decided upturn in spirits. It’s worth watching for, as it is an indicator to you of who those good folks are. These people may not be those you expect. Therefore, it’s best to watch now to see who responds well. It’s the only way to be sure.


* To make an 8,000 - 10,000 year long story short, Actual Astrology is the kind practiced by those great little guys who invented astrology. To the people of Sumeria and, for all we know, before, the study of the movements of the astral bodies and their relationships to earthly events was ever of extreme importance. They documented both. Their astrological reports recording planetary and star positions included observations of the weather, market prices, political change, royal disposition, water levels, birth defects, the appearance of strange animals, the flights of birds, the dreams of common people and the behavior of livestock. These people, founders of civilization, and those who followed, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians treated this study as a state project. In time, it became both the science and religion of these peoples. Thousands of people, over thousands of years, observed and recorded, considered and calculated, creating the only database of this kind. For 2000 years after the fall of Babylon, astronomy fell to not thousands of people, but three - Hipparchus, Ptolemy and Copernicus - and they didn’t bother to note concurrent events. Western astrology today is built on formulas and fallacies designed by Greeks who couldn’t read cuneiform.

IMPORTANT. When the Moon goes Void, or Void of Course, it means the moon has made its last significant aspect in a sign and will be considered Void or Void of Course until it changes signs. It is commonly held that things begun when the moon is Void will come to nothing. These times are, however, usually excellent for taking care of old business.

Notice that some of the astrological information here, like the time of exact planetary aspects, is very similar to what you will find in other sources you may study. However, the timing of Moon Voids and the house and sign changes of the astrological bodies are among the original calculations that will not agree with other sources. It is my belief that the information given here, based on the oldest and most accurate systems of astrology, is more reliable than what you will find elsewhere.

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