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Urgent Execution Alert!

Urgent Execution Alert!
Donald Jay Beardslee, a California death row inmate, has been given an execution date of January 19, 2005 at 12:01am. Death Penalty opponents in Santa Cruz, will meet at Town Clock for a vigil on Tuesday, January 18th, 8PM to Midnight.
Urgent Execution Alert!
Donald Jay Beardslee, a California death row inmate, has been given an execution date of January 19, 2005 at 12:01am.

While Mr. Beardslee has not yet exhausted all of his legal challenges, we now consider his scheduled execution date to be extremely serious. Some of the legal challenges that remain include an appeal to the US Supreme Court, an appeal for Clemency to the Governor of California, and a third party challenge to the lethal injection procedure itself.


1) No execution should be carried out in California while the California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice (created by SR 44 - Burton) is conducting research on the causes of wrongful conviction and the application of the death penalty in California.

2) Mr. Beardslee warrants executive clemency for three compelling reasons, none of which were available to the jury that sentenced him to death. For more detailed information, please visit:

a. The jury was unaware of the extent to which Mr. Beardlee's actions were controlled by severe brain damage that has impaired his functioning since birth. This brain damage was exacerbated by a car accident that occurred in 1961 and a falling tree which struck Mr. Beardslee in the head in 1968. (View supporting scientific documents at )

b. Although the jury requested information from the trial court about the punishments imposed on Mr. Beardslee's co-defendants, the court refused to provide any information. Thus the jury was left without the ability to weigh the relative culpability of the various participants. Mr. Bearslee's role in the crimes, especially when compared to those of the co-participants and when taking into consideration his limited mental functioning, does not warrant the ultimate punishment.

c. The jury's decision to sentence Mr. Beardslee to death was based upon the mistaken belief that he would pose a danger if sentenced to Life Without Parole; however, Mr. Beardslee has been a model prisoner for more than 20 years and has fully cooperated with the prison staff.

Please contact Gov. Schwarzenegger and ask him to grant clemency to Donald Beardslee.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-445-4633

To send an Email, please visit:


Monday, January 17th
Demonstration & Press Conference
Protesters will camp out beginning at 12:01AM.
They will hold a press conference at 10AM.
They will do a demonstration at 11AM.
East Gate - San Quentin
Contact Hal at 510-524-6064 for more info

Tuesday, January 18th

San Quentin State Prison
You can park on Francisco Blvd. E. but expect to walk 1-1.5 Miles to get to the East Gate of San Quentin.
Contact: stefanie (at) or 415-243-0143

San Francisco
A group will depart from San Francisco's Palace of the Legion of Honor at 7:00AM and walk to arrive at the gates of San Quentin by 6:00pm. Please contact Rev. Lyle Grosjean for more information at 510-895-8203/510-368-3368 or Rfk40a (at) Support drivers are also needed.

For more information contact: rkoufax (at)

Santa Cruz
Vigil - 8PM to Midnight
Meet at Town Clock
For more information contact: marilyns (at)

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violence against womyn must stop!

Beardslee had killed before! Before killing these 2 womyn, he was already convicted (and on parole at the time) for his first murder of a young woman he met at a bar.

Then he killed these 2 young womyn and even confessed to it!

Womyn everywhere are safer with him out of society, and taxpayers are safer with him off of our backs. $31,000 per year! Money that is better spent on healthcare, education, and shelters for battered womyn like Beardslee's THREE innocent young victims who all had their whole lives ahead of them.

Let this be a lesson to all abusers!

Re: Urgent Execution Alert!

You claim to be non-violent, yet support the worst kind of pre-meditated murder? You NV are what we call a troll. I will make no excuses for Bearsdlee's crimes. He was not an innocent man. However, I must rebut a few of your assertions... "Womyn everywhere are safer with him out of society,"

"taxpayers are safer with him off of our backs."
Sending someone to prison for LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE would be less costly to taxpayers than a death penalty case with all the appeals, lawyers, court reporters, judges etc, involved in the process...

Re: Urgent Execution Alert!

Self-defense is NOT violence! Violence against womyn must stop NOW!

Beardslee was a confessed two-time triple-killer preying upon innocent young womyn. He even killed the 2nd time while still on parole for the first slaughter.

Who was he going to kill next? Me? You?

The Wiccan Rede states "Anything done to others, comes back to you 3-fold." He played his part in the TERRORIZING of womyn, and now by the grace of Fate he has paid for his ABUSE OF WOMYN!

As for the cost of execution, it is only higher than life w/o parole because people like you fight to make it so. You have the power to solve that problem, but you'd rather pass that buck to us and make it our problem as taxpayers.

Kind of like a draft, forcing us to pay and fight for your cause.

It disgusts me to see death penalty opponents try to raise the spector of wrongful conviction to stir up public concern, on behalf of a CONFESSED killer. But you prefer to leave that part out when you "inform" the public, dont you?

Re: Urgent Execution Alert!

The moron troll wrote: "Violence against womyn must stop NOW!"

Hey, we agree on something!

But Beardslee wasn't killed by one of his victims in self-defense. That is a different scenario, altogether.


The moron troll wrote: "...a CONFESSED killer. But you prefer to leave that part out when you "inform" the public, dont you?"

Please, moron, go back and read my comment, particularly this one... "He was not an innocent man."

Re: Urgent Execution Alert!

Sure it is, it's Californians coming together to allow the state to act on our behalf in our defense

Thus, it is self defense... Anywho, doesn't matter, the man deserves to die, along with Peterson, and I'm sure the other people on death row in California.

Here's hoping Arnold ramps things up!

Re: Urgent Execution Alert!

No, n5667, in reality, the death penalty is a very divisive issue. In California, more and more people are NOT in favor of capitol punishment:

A recent Field Poll conducted in California found a decline in support for the death penalty in California from the last poll conducted in 2002. Support dropped to 68%. Respondents were also asked if the California death penalty was "fair and free of error," to which only 58% of respondents said "yes." (Associated Press, March 5, 2004)

Polls Show 20% Drop in Support for Death Penalty in California
According to a Los Angeles Times Poll, support for capital punishment in California has fallen 20% in the past decade, from 78% in 1990 to 58% in 2000. In addition, the poll shows that 48% of residents support a moratorium on the death penalty, while 44% oppose it. (Los Angeles Times, 11/2/00)

Californians Support Halting Executions by 4-1
According to a Field Poll, Californians favor stopping state executions by nearly 4 to 1. When asked if they would favor or oppose Gov. Davis halting executions in order to study the fairness of the state's capital punishment system, 73% supported a moratorium. California has the largest death row in the nation with 560 inmates. (San Francisco Chronicle, 6/22/00)

A survey by the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California shows that Californians are evenly divided between death and life without parole as the proper punishment for first-degree murder. The survey contrasts with polls that only ask whether respondents favor or oppose the death penalty. Those polls show support of about 3-1 for capital punishment, both state and nationwide. The Public Policy Institute poll gave respondents the two choices a juror in the penalty phase of a capital trial would be given: death or "life imprisonment with absolutely no possibility of parole." Given that choice, 49% chose death , 47% chose life and the rest were undecided. The poll, based on 2,007 randomly chosen Californians, had a margin of error of plus or minus 2%. (Sacramento Bee, 1/18/00)


Re: Urgent Execution Alert!

NDP has his field polls slightly off. I researched and found that 92% of American favored the death penalty if they knew the person or persons killed (Los Angeles Times, 11/4/01)

When asked if they favored stopping state executions, only 14 percent were in favor (San Jose Mercury 5/04/04)

An eye for an eye - if the executions were not impeded by a bunch of money hungry lawyers it wouldnt cost the taxpayers so much money. Execution upon conviction!!


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