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Illegal Police Operations Networked with Feds

Shortly after taking office in 1992, Pres. Clinton issued an Executive Order known as Presidential Decision Directive-25 [PDD-25]. allowing an exception to the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 18USC Sec.1385, PL86-70, Sec. 17[d]. which makes it illegal for military and law enforcement to exercise jointly.

The directive allows an exception for Joint Special Operations Command and it's subordinates.

Although the directive was focused on possible use internationally in peacekeeping and drug interdiction efforts, a loose interpretation can enable a military takeover of your city - using "all the latest tools".



People For Sovereignty and Restoration headed by Carol Lido was supported by hundreds of local travel agents, hotels, and various advocacy groups, along with elected officials of Florida and Washington, D.C. who together mustered the support necessary to stop a current operational exercise planned for Ft. Lauderdale. This marks the first time any city in the US has successfully thwarted the governments' efforts to bring nights of terror to its' residents.

Previously, only Pittsburgh was able to get the government out after experiencing 1 night of 3 planned nights of urban assault exercises.

What Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle failed to tell the residents were the secret arrangements he had made with 160 SOAR [helicopter assault wing], Navy SEAL Team 6, and "black budget" Special Forces Operations Detachment-DELTA to permit Night Urban Assault "exercises" in Ft.Lauderdale.

Clint Sperber, Public Information Rep. for Broward County, Florida continued the veil of deceit stating the night urban exercise was an "armed force air show". This was subsequently proven to be a lie when the Public Affairs Office for the Navy Blue Angels, Air Force Thunderbirds, and Army Knights all denied any planned night air show for the Ft.Lauderdale area through this holiday season.

Had it not been for the People for Sovereignty and Restoration, Ft. Lauderdale could have looked forward to the experiences of other cities: awakened at 2am[Chicago], troops rappelling from helicopters [Pittsburgh & Memphis], improperly detonated explosives [New Orleans], crashing helicopter with injuries [Houston], and automatic live fire [Dallas, Detroit, L.A., Pittsburgh, Houston, New Orleans, Chicago].

Folks, these are not ordinary Special Forces but "black budget" operations being carried out by future federal "extra legal" regional police that operate in violation of the Constitution.

After taking office in 1992, Pres. Clinton illegally and without approval from Congress issued an Executive Order known as Presidential Decision Directive-25 [PDD-25]. He claimed authority from March 9, 1933 revised "Trading With The Enemy Act of 1917" which declared each citizen an enemy of the federal government. Exec. Orders may be obtained from the White House at (202) 395-7332 or your Congress- man.

The full text of PDD-25 exempts Joint Special Operations Command from the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 18USC Sec.1385, PL86-70, Sec. 17[d]. which makes it illegal for military and law enforcement to exercise jointly. Special Forces Operations Detachment-DELTA is subordinate to JSOC and thus claims, exemption from the Posse Comitatus Act "flows" through to SFOD-D.

With their "black budget" SFOD-D and Hostage Rescue Team [HRT] of FBI train together at the $80million upgraded Range19 in Ft. Bragg, N.C. HRT also maintains an office at JSOC HQ in FT.Pope adjacent to Ft. Bragg. Both SFOD-D and HRT train together at Quantico, Va. where they have exclusive use of a new airstrip with enlarged C141capability. 160 SOAR out of Ft. Campbell, KY flies SFOD-D/HRT to their city urban assault assignments. Several SOAR pilots have expressed uneasiness over the illegal SFOD-D/HRT relationship with local police and the plans to expand SFOD-D/HRT operations by 6 X's the current size. There will be a team in each of 6 regions around the nation which they refer to as "war zones".

For those not understanding, SFOD-D has, and rightly so, as their Standard Operational Procedure a "take no survivors" policy once forces are committed. The same operational policy, weapons, and uniforms are used by HRT. The question you must ask - do you want an internal federal police force that has as its' Standard Operational Procedure a "take no survivor" mentality? We need only think of Waco.

Because of the success of JSOC integrating SFOD-D with HRT, there is a changing mindset within the "regular" military to expand the concept of military use of force against Americans. This is evident in The Marine Gazette, Sept.1996 an article entitled "New Threats Require New Orientations" written by Col. James A.Lasswell, Planning Div., and Col.Randolph A.Gangle, Senior Operations Advisor at Commandants Warfighting Lab. Together, they draw upon fictitious Hollywood plots [3 Lies, Sneakers, The Rock,] as justification to suspend The Posse Comitatus Act and implement the use of all necessary operational military force against Americans. Career officers using Hollywood scripts to formulate operational policy.

Folks, we are at a point in the course of our nations history where many events are coming together to dramatically and unfavorably alter life, liberty, and freedom in America. We accomplished something in Ft. Lauderdale the past 10 days but it isn't over. The People For Sovereignty and Restoration cannot, by themselves, right all that is wrong. We need your help, your children need your help, and future generations need your help. We beg you to contact your local, state, and national officials and demand a Congressional investigation to


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