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Time has come to awaken
Its time for a general strike! To many this may seem to be last minute, its not. If your very existence is threaten by the fascist regime then you need to stand up this day. Ask yourself if you are threaten with budget cuts, victim of outsourcing, have lost your medical coverage, a victim of "no child left behind", angered about the rape of our forests, the polluting of our oceans and air, threaten by assault riffles and armour piercing bullets, worried about the stealing of social security, the theft of the public commons, are you a widow to a war that was based on lies, have you lost a son or daughter or spouse or parent or friend who died defending oil fields of the rich, are you a veteran who has lost benifits or any of the social injustices that this regime has caused. Call your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors and walkout this day! Help the needy! Tell the media they lie! Jam the phonelines and e-mail accounts of the corporate media, the corporate rapists and your representives that do not give a damn about your existence!

Parents join your children! Teachers join your students! Walkout! Keep in mind "No Child Left Behind" will create a society with an educational gap between rich and poor.

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