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What 'four more years' could mean

To my jaundiced eyes, what people find most upsetting about George Bush & Corp. is their inept handling of the pretexts of U.S. global empire. In their hands, those pretexts ("vanquishing tyranny," "bringing democracy to the oppressed," etc.) have worn exceedingly thin, causing the blinding stench of the ever-present actual motive -- imperialism -- to become unbearable. For anyone mindful of international opinion and the likelihood of massive broad-spectrum blowback, this is mortifying and alarming, and many seem to also perceive it as novel, as in "this country has suddenly taken a hard right turn into hell."

To some extent, I experience this perception myself, so I understand the feeling, but at the same time I'm exasperated by its naivete: the all-out U.S. bid for global empire is NOT new, it's been unfolding in its present form ever since WWII. The U.S. posture during the Cold War 1950s, for example, wasn't really about self defense either, but rather arose from our status as the primary belligerent in an imperial campaign of unprecedented scale. Americans of the '50s simply never reflected on this honestly, even in retrospect. In their rabid observance of anti-communist rhetoric, they were every bit as manipulated and irrational as the current batch of ‘America Firsters.' The biggest difference between then and now is in the average political sophistication of Americans, such that the "War on Terror" as a propaganda formulation -- essentially identical to that of the Cold War -- is no longer sufficient to bamboozle everyone. It only bamboozles willfully ignorant bumpkins, whose heads are stuck in the 1950s (they were 50 years behind the times then, too, so this is still progress), and also corrupt urbanites with elitist sympathies and aspirations, who evidently lack basic wiring for things like courage, honesty, conscience...

The present escalation of U.S. global imperialism, then, isn't really as radical as it can seem, but actually incremental and evolutionary. Middle class Americans only percieve it as new and horrifying because they've been hypnotized by the relentless Big Lie that this government is fundamentally benevolent -- a happy delusion left in ruins by the Bush Cabal's artlessness. If ruthless U.S. imperialism is NOT new, but the enlightenment to be disgusted by it IS, then what we're actually seeing here is not cause for despair, but rather for great hope and celebration. A brand of political maturity not seen in this country for thirty years is reawakening.

The Bushies naturally despise this trend, and can be expected to do everything possible to destroy it. To keep this good thing going, we must anticipate their most likely 'dirty tricks,' and strategically prepare to thwart them. Cold War history holds invaluable lessons as to what we can expect:

1) This country's present trajectory is strikingly similar to that of the Philippines in 1970. That was the year Ferdinand Marcos handed himself a second term by hijacking the ship of state with a rigged election. When Filipinos protested en masse, he ran the ship aground so he could stay in power indefinitely. That is, he staged an assassination attempt on his Vice President, with the VP's knowledge and participation, and then used this to declare martial law, suspend democratic process, and gut the Filipino constitution. The Filipinos then had to put up with him until 1986, when his own military finally rose up and ejected him from the country. All of which is quite plausible as a future history of the Bush administration.

The 'martial law' ruse for securing permanent power is a logical next step for these psychotic power freaks, and the most sensible countermeasure at present is to simply build public awareness to this effect. If enough people see this coming, it can be transformed in advance into a grave public relations mistake. This will 1) inhibit the Bushies from doing such a thing at all, or 2) work against them decisively should they ignore their better judgment. So spread the word.

2) The Bush Family is a charter member of the post-Truman spookocracy, which initially flourished under Eisenhower and has remained dominant ever since. Prescott Bush's staunch ally, CIA Director Allen Dulles, was instrumental in pulling the agency's media strings to secure a Senate seat for Bush in 1952 (despite the sensation it caused ten years earlier, his electorate magically "forgot" he was a Nazi collaborator, i.e. the press never reminded them). There is also strong evidence George H. W. Bush, Prescott's son, was a CIA Field Marshall during Operation "Mongoose," the early covert war against Castro. From 1976 onward, during his terms as CIA Director, Vice President, and President, George the First was definitely at the center of U.S. covert warfare worldwide, and there is scant reason to believe he's not still. The period 1980 to 1992 is arguably the most sinister interval of CIA covert activity, with multiple incredibly evil terror wars waged in Central America alone, and Bush, Sr. was the Big Kahuna in all this.

What makes all this significant to our immediate future is the Bush Family's multigenerational and pivotal role in the covert international war against the political left. In scores of countries, the Bushes and their ilk have poured gasoline on already violent right-left confrontations, and have thus supplied U.S.-supported rightists with a pretext for literally exterminating leftists. In this way, nothing less than a global massacre of millions of leftists has been effected, and since the masterminds of all this now enjoy quasi-dictatorial power here, it can be assumed they'll try to bring this campaign home. This fits perfectly with much of what's happened since Bush took office. If so, they will use false flag operations, agents provocateurs, inflammatory propaganda, and any other means to whip this country's existing polarization toward actual violence, whereupon they will gleefully commence working their way through 'death lists.' If this strikes you as overly dramatic, rest assured you are a perfect ignoramus as to the real nature of the past seventy years of world history. Fortunately, amending this ignorance is straightforward: 1) go to Penn Station, borrow a machine gun from one of those nice guardsmen, and disassemble your television with it; the brain-killer box is the perfect medium for totalitarian propaganda, which in its masterfully oblique U.S. incarnation is never as strident as people imagine, but rather soothing, euphoric, irrelevant, riddled with omissions... 2) reeducate yourself with appropriate literature, for example William Blum's superb book 'Killing Hope.' Also the incomparable periodical 'Covert Action Quarterly.' The following site is an excellent introduction to this subject:

By merely acknowledging the factual heartlessness of the U.S. imperial program, these sources represent authentic leftist analysis, as opposed to the centrist pap and psycho-babble usually passed off as such.

If "bringing home" the multi-generational war on the left is indeed their plan, what can we do to stop them? First of all, we can refrain from being a bunch of hotheads. Armed conflict is an intelligent option only when there's a real chance it won't merely feed more power to the party your opposing. As it stands today, such a power play on our side would be the stupidest move imaginable, and therefore the realization of the Bushies' fondest dreams. All that may seem quite obvious now, but we could lose sight of this in the months and years ahead as Bush sorely provokes us with maddening policy initiatives and displays of power. Keep in mind that any initial 'revolutionary activity' will probably be performed by BUSH'S OWN OPERATIVES in an effort to get this ball rolling. As long as armed rebellion can reasonably be expected to send the public stampeding toward Bush's side, however, it will continue to be an intensely stupid idea, and we must never let the day's headlines pull our gaze from this barometer. Furthermore, for this psychological climate to change, the standard of living here would first have to undergo a massive collapse, on the order of the Great Depression. It is surreal abundance, not "liberty," that keeps Americans contented and oblivious. These guys figured this out many moons ago, that's why our food is heavily subsidized. The average American will never wake up until the day they watch their kids go hungry, but it could come to this. One of the more strategic ways to proceed, then, is by facilitating this country's economic self-destruction by, for example, supporting international boycott movements.

Does this constitute shooting yourself in the foot? Certainly, if you STAY HERE. Shedding conflicts of interest is a compelling reason to leave, and there are other reasons as well: All my life, I've noticed a dangerous and insane undercurrent in American government and culture, an elusive but definite hostility toward all things decent and sane in the world. Each year, this country descends a little further into a schizophrenia of greed and apathy on the one hand and fundamentalist mania on the other. It was during the Reagan years that I first noticed, to my horror, the emergence of Americans who really missed out by not living in Nazi Germany. They would have loved it. I didn't realize yet that these vicious and ignorant, strangely neurotic souls were the vanguard, that Nazi Germany would one day be delivered to their doorsteps. The higher this tide of insanity rises, the more this becomes a place good people will see fit to leave, and in point of fact conscientious folks have been walking out and not looking back for decades, having recognized long ago the need to stop committing their lives to this insatiable planet-destroying monster. At some point, it becomes safe to assume that if you're still here, you must be just another villain...

Stay here, and you allow your soul to be purchased with the currency of self-interest.

Expatriation is the cleanest route, but there are other options. What would be really beautiful is if we had an observation network sufficient to expose the initial "revolutionary" psy-op as a Bush ploy, and here again building awareness is the key. The more people are alert to the extreme right's sociopathic manner of pursuing a plan, the more likely we are to have an attuned set of eyes in the right place at the right time. To this end, and for many other purposes besides, there is a vital need to organize a highly trained citizen's intelligence brigade. Corporate news media have all but declared open war on our common interests; if there is to be any meaningful watchdog capability, it will have to come directly from us. The internet is a perfect medium for communicating and educating people, but we need other elements as well, like a strong working knowledge of current CoIntelPro practices, how to spot them, and how to counteract them. It's a shame ex-CIA types are almost invariably hopelessly delusional regarding the fundamental nature of U.S. imperialism; the present purge of 'bleeding-heart liberals' from the CIA would otherwise be a tremendous windfall. Fugitives from the world of intel are almost never of Philip Agee / Victor Ostrovsky caliber, and should be regarded with abiding suspicion.

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