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Military Violence in Highland West Papua

Latest news about a military operation that has been ongoing since last August. This hasn't gone out in the mainstream media.
More brutality by the Indonesian military in West
Papuan Highlands (Wunin District).

I have recent confirmation of this report from another source.



Houses, Churches and Public Buildings Burnt

By WPNews, Mbaliem, West Papua

Saturday, 15 January 2005

Our correspondent from Mbaliem
(Wamena) reported today of military brutality against civilians in Wunin District, Jayawijaya, West Papua by the Indonesian military.

The attack happened on 08:00AM, when the villagers were on their way to their gardens for
their daily activities. The military were
wearing ordinary clothes, but
carrying machine-guns. The military (Kopasssus -
Indonesian Special Forces) attacked the
villagers, houses, animals and plants
(gardens). Consequently, all villagers (fathers,
mothers, children and youths) went to the bush, due to the fear of death.

In the attack, houses were burnt
down, including the Office of Wunin Regional Branch,
the office of the district and other public
buildings. Report says nothing is
left in the village.

Meanwhile, the elder in the village,
who had been helping and protecting the villagers, who
is also the church elder and tribal chief,
Mr. Awuru Wanimbo is reported lost,
most probably shot dead or kidnapped by the attacking
forces. Total number of arrests or
death is not known yet when this
report is sent. At the moment, Wunin District is in
emergency situation as the military are
sweeping across the villages.

After two minutes of the attack, the
villagers saw one troops of the Kopassus and one of
the Mobile Brigade using Air Force
Helicopter landed in Wunin District
football field and straight away fired their machine

According to our reporter, the plan
to attack villages across the highlands of West Papua
has been planned by the Indonesian
Military Commander in Port Numbay
[Jayapura], capital of West Papua.

According to the intelligence
sources, the plan was outlined some months ago by the
Military Commander. There are two phases
of the operations:

1. Military offensive
2. Intelligence operation (bribing
villagers to give intelligence information to the
Indonesian military)

The first phase was carrying out
attacks on villagers suspected as strongholds of the
independence movement. The world has
seen the outcome of this phase in
Tingginambut Puncak Jaya in August 2004 until the end
of last year, causing casualties and
refugee crises and huge military
operations at the same time as the Indonesian
president was offering Christmas Present: The
Papuan Peoples Assembly (MRP).

There were also military operations
in Obano Districk, Nabire, West Papua during the same
perioed, killing around 10 innocent

Ilugwa Village, some hours to walk
from Wamena town in the highlands of West Papua was
also visited by the Kopassus,
questioning the tribal elders and
church leaders. They also threatened that the elders
would be killed.

Now, some weeks later, Wurineri
Village, Wunin District is under attack, with similar
operations and carried out by the same
troops (Kopassus).

The second, phase of the operation,
according to the secret service source, is to pay off
(bribe) villagers, from the money from
the Special Autonomy. This is called
intelligence operation. Villagers who were paid off by
the Indonesian military have already
reported to their fellow villagers
that they were paid off by the Indonesian armed forces
to sell their own peoples.

The report confirmed that the centre
for intelligence and military operations in the
highlands is centralised in Wamena town.

The tribal elders and church elders from Tolikara Regency are now requesting the the NGOs, governments and student organisations all over the world, to
give a helping hand, to stop yet another deadly
military operation.

There is an urgent need now for the world to react.

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