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Code Pink Coronation Actions

Code Pink chapters nationwide gathered in Washington D.C. this week to protest Bush Regime policies that threaten all of us. With typical flair and humor, Women For Peace attracted participants and press coverage at several events.
They organized a chilly welcome for attendees of the Gold and Boots Ball the night before the Coronation, greeting fur-and-heel-wearing, cowboy themed tuxedo couples and corporate gentry with Hallibacon, snout-wearing well-wishers, and stacks of cash with everyone's favorite Dick printed on them. The assembled crowd slowed down many a stretch limo, including a Hummer Limo that seemed determined to use ALL THE OIL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
code pink - 1.JPG

The following morning, fresh snow on the ground, Code Pink assembled at Dupont Circle to rally and put the Raging Grannies on stage.
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A large Funeral March for Democracy left the circle led by a local jazz marching band to merge with a larger march led by DAWN (D.C. Anti War Network). They rallied together at McPherson Square before the Unaugural Parade began.
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