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Black Block March in D.C.

Photos from an unpermitted Anarchist convergence and March to the security perimiter as the official Inaugural Parade began
harcore - 7.JPG

As three separate convergences merged into a rally at McPherson Square (Code Pink, DAWN, and a Global Justice Contingent), an Anarchist Convergence came together at Logan Circle.
harcore - 8.JPG

A black block of maybe five hundred left the circle in an energetic push through the streets of DC occupying intersections with bodies, drums and chants.
harcore - 1.JPG

harcore - 2.JPG

Several skirmishes with police resulted and the march was turned back from the security perimeter. Smaller groups eventually broke through the fence, burned some pieces of red, white, and blue cloth, clashed with pepper sprayering riot cops, and mingled with lines and lines of Bush supporters waiting to get through security.
harcore - 4.JPG

harcore - 5.JPG

Several people were detained; one block was sealed off for at least half an hour, the fence was pulled up at at least one location, and quite a bit of pepper spray wafted through the air on both sides of the fence along Pennsylvania Avenue.
harcore - 3.JPG

harcore - 6.JPG

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Re: Black Block March in D.C.

Peace through the power of the citizens! We will prevail!! My love to you amazon queens of the counter demonstrations. Inauguratol labor rally this thursday - we will celebrate at the lady liberty. Democrats will prevail with powers!!

Re: Black Block March in D.C.

hola soy ziddy
de mardel plata argentina
queria decirles que es muy bueno
lo que hacen ojala habria un grupo
asi aca en mar del plata
salud y anarkia!!


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