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UFCW Targets Albertsons and Safeway over Health Care

Join grocery workers to defend our community from massive healthcare cuts.
The healthcare cuts and two tier wage concessions that were enacted for Southern California Grocery workers are moving north. At a recent meeting where the healthcare cuts were discussed it seemed that Safeway and Albertson's were proposing healthcare plans that more closely resemble traditional dental plans than a "healthcare plan" in terms of %'s that are covered. Maximum out of pocket expenses would be in the tens of thousands of dollars under these plans.

There will be a rally to support the Bay Area Grocery Workers in front of the Santa Cruz Albertson's store at 911 Soquel Ave on Tuesday January 25th, 2005 from 3:30PM-5:30PM. People are being asked to sign pledege cards stating that they will boycott Safeway, Albertsons and Ralphs if the workers are on strike or are locked out.

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City schools are poised to strike over health care issues

Apparently the teachers union is at an impasse and is on the verge of striking.

Re: UFCW Targets Albertsons and Safeway over Health Care

Profits are dropping, costs are rising, everyone else is tightening their belt during this recession. Why should you?

Health care costs are through the roof in America, because of the monopolistic AMA and FDA. Even if your employer slashed your healthcare benefits in half, you'd still be able to afford decent medical care - IN A FREE COUNTRY, that is.

Heavy government regulation of the medical industry has failed. All its given us is a medical elite who charge a fortune because the government works on their behalf to make and keep medicine expensive.

Deregulation is the only solution.

Not the sham quasi-deregulation we're often fed in other industries. True and total deregulation, that allows David the chance to compete with Goliath.

Re: UFCW Targets Albertsons and Safeway over Health Care

Please correct me if I'm wrong but don't these employees have 100% paid medical?

tentative agreement reached

According to a report in the sj merc news, a deal may have been reached, ending this dispute. Details of the agreement will be forthcoming.

Does this mean the rally is off?

Re: tentative agreement reached/actions cancelled

From the website:

Tentative Settlement in Grocery Negotiations

Details Will be Forthcoming

January 23, 2005

A tentative settlement was reached Sunday evening between the UFCW Bay Area Coalition and Safeway, Albertson’s, and Kroger.

After nearly 5 months of difficult negotiations, the settlement comes just one day short of the deadline we imposed on the companies to move at the table or face the possibility of a labor dispute.

Some difficult decisions had to be made in order to avoid a dispute, but with marathon bargaining sessions over the past week we were able to preserve important components of our contract.

Implementation of the agreement is pending membership votes in each of the 8 Bay Area Locals. Details about the settlement will be made available soon. We will also notify you of meetings scheduled in your area to discuss the settlement prior to casting your ballot.

A press conference will be held tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. at Local 428, located at 240 South Market Street in San Jose. Members are encouraged to attend.

Good job to everyone who volunteered their time and energies into this contract fight.

Final Note: Please tell fellow members and community supporters that all actions that were planned for this week have been cancelled.


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