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'Earth First! Tree-Sit in Ramsey Gulch!'

'Earth First! activists Penelope and Acorn reside high in their arboreal perch deep within the designated logging area in the recently approved Ramsey 2 T.H.P. They sit in defiance to protest the ravaging of Ramsey Gulch
an area whose steep slopes and seismic instability will

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'food/med/whatever support'

'Im in for food/med supplies/anything else ya need support. Im a new dad and cant be there in person. Let me know what you need and I\'ll try to get there whenever I can. Would also love to flier your cause where I go to school.'

thank you

We live in oregon, and we love trees! so thank you for all the hard work you do. take good care of each orher and the earth -

want to help

Hi, I just returned from a Direct Action Camp in Humboldt and took part in two actions to protest the Mattole Watershed logging and the illegal logging in the Freshwater back home in Monterey and am fundraising and gathering donations for my friends in Mattole...will also send you things you may need or want...please email me or call at 831-372-4634 to let me know specifically whant you need...

Also, very upset about Nia's life being lost when he fell from his redwood tree...The loss of his life will be mourned and his valiant spirit will be held among all the beautiful spirits and trees in the forest.

Love, Meighan

phone number is wrong

Hi folks,
Number at end of this article 423-3205 is should be 425-3205.

Please call or email me with specific directions to logging site...Many thanks Meighan 831-372-4634 or meighan (at)

Link to Memorial Info for Robert Bryan

Apologies for those who are receiving this notice a bit late.

Today, Oct 19, 2002, at 4PM there is a memorial for Earth First! tree sitter Robert Bryan, otherwise known as Naya. He fell from a tree-sit in Ramsey Gulch in Corralitios. I believe this was on Oct 8th. He died on the way to the hospital in San Jose. Earth First! has worked very hard to denfend our environment. While not every member of the community can take time to do a tree sit, we do have time to show our support in other ways and we will be there. The memorial will be at Frederick St. park , which is two blocks south of Broadway on Frederick St. in SC. If you are going east on Broadway, go all the way to the end and turn right. Bring some drums and some food. Earth First! Santa Cruz meets every Tuesday at 7PM at the building closest to Ocean St. at the Resource Center for Non-Violence at 515 Broadway in Santa Cruz. For more info check out previous
santacruz.indymedia posts at:

or visit

Cards and/or Donations to Robert Bryan's family or to Earth First! Santa Cruz can be sent by
snail-mail to

Earth First! Santa Cruz
PO Box 344
Santa Cruz, CA 95061

Ramsey Gulch tree-sit

Hi there, my name is Evan Jaundzems and I am a current UCSC student. I've just lived in Santa Cruz for a couple months, and up till now have been very busy with my classes, but now I'm free enough to look around and I want to get involved. I just finished reading Julias book, and found a lot I identify with. I've climbed trees almost since I can remember, have lived in several trees, have experience building non-tree harming platforms, and am very interested in getting active around here.
I would love to help you with sitting in trees, and if it's okay, I will. I would also like to help with other things. I'll try to make it to your next meeting tomorrow.
I'm in school since I realize how important it is to become educated, and I'm loving it, but at the same time I know there's more I could be doing outside of school in terms of issues that are important to me. I've worked for a man who has made his living off of building tree houses, I know how to do a prussic, and I have much experience climbing trees. While the support and external things are important, and I'd like to try and help on that front, I'd more prefer to help with the actual sit. I'm also very sorry to learn of Nayas fall.


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