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Disagreeing on Powell - true circumstance in Finland

Russia in allowed to commit any act in Finland under the protection of our Socialists President Tarja Halonen and ex-president Martti Artisaari. This article gives a true picture how Finns are being treated by Russia friendly ideologists in Finland.

Disagreeing on Powell - true circumstance in Finland

This is how rotten Finland is today. Read it, enjoy from the article and learn, why USA Marines together with Patriot intelligence removes dirt they come across it in word to protect USA.

Police of Finland: Pimp money to Russia Embassy
Published January 19,2005 at 11.39 am updated 10.12 pm
Original source:, and news at eight thirty.

“According to Finnish police money from Russian Embassy case have been charged/passed to the Embassy. Money from the prostitution was collected by one of the prostitutions who rented the apartments. Police suspects three diplomats involved to the case in all. Men have parted from Finland and they have been placed a request of assistance to Russian Police Force, but Finnish Police is sceptic about the issue.
“- We have never got anyone to be examined from there. We have one such request of assistance sent to Russia three years ago, and we have not heard anything about it ever since.?
Some Russian Commercial Embassy people are suspected for letting hundreds of prostitutes use Diplomat apartments.?

So, maybe I should carry on this story a little bit; our end Labour Union bosses uses prostitutes. Funny isn’t is? Especially under circumstances, were our real estate prices have gone to the top, and part of our businessmen lack work because of Socialist Government Officials tax too highly. People who use hookers are rotten enough to agree on real estate pricing too. Not to mention other sectors.

When it comes down to patriotism I must say Finland has gone over the top. Government hires only people with red background into places like KELA and many other government bureaus too. In fact, when I applied into such a position I was clearly let to understand, that if I had been a member of a socialist or communist party, then the possibility of being hired would had been much higher.

It is not allowed to own anything in Finland unless you are a socialist government labour (except if one is a member of the Socialist or a Communist party). Only exception is old families, who have got enough connections even to rent a jet to people like our ex-President Martti Ahtisaari (alias Africa Band-Aid), who would not be able to fly without his rental airplane.
Even our socialist president Martti Ahtisaari was in such a hurry on a leave to play some golf in Thailand, that his nomination to the “Asian nature disaster inspection committee? had to early two days, so president Ahtisaari’s Golf trip would not had postponed, which tells something about president Ahtisaari’s respect towards those 200.000 victims of this nature disaster and his ability to delay one’s holiday. A remark should also be made of his trip destination to the same nation, which has been victimised by a nature disaster.

Maybe I should carry on telling this, that I am according to legal documents a millionaire – even according to USA standards -, but starting next month I walk homeless because of these same socialists and communists. You see, Finnish judgements are not in line to the Supreme Court judgments and these cases never reach Supreme Court. Since foreign legal bureau has got socialist government’s ex-police personnel working we have our cases returned from international court.
Red judges have made deliberate false judgements and mass media is controlled by socialists. In this way these people secure, that there is no way to tell people about these people’s acts.
People like myself have to live under minimum income in a shared apartment against one’s own wish, because of socialism and communism effecting to our every day life. I could live relatively good life and carry on developing m own business idea on database engine with my property ROI. However this is impossible because of government’s legal officials, judges and police, who do not wish people to own or live wealthy life on ROI. Simply these people are mentally ill in that respect. What would a police school graduate know about finance math with an education now having a single unit financial mathematic. And the same rule applies to our end lawyers. Finnish people simply agree on cases and expertise has not got anything to do with the end result – do you got the point comrade? Finnish power users (lawyers, police and part of the academically educated) simply ruin people’s life by interfering to it with a communist or socialist attitude and with the level of education they have. Simply speaking these people are commies. Like in Russia people are not interested in doing anything because some commie ruins their achievements on purpose. At the same time these idiots are tying to run their own businesses by using their contact network based on same kind of idiots.

I moved into another city from Tampere and Valkeakoski red labour area because I was physically chased by these commies. There is no reason to feel pity towards socialists or Finskies after those tricks they pulled to support their socialist ideology.

F.x. Valkeaskoski is a funny small town with 20.000 population, most of which got previously their income related to area’s paper industry. To be honest with you, Valkeaskoski is so insider city, that there is no place for outsiders, because socialists and other town politicians have agreed on their income based on area’s paper industry tax funds. Town is a closed community filled with people knowing each other and agreeing on cases against the Finnish Law. Socialism is supported so these people would not let out of money they need so badly.

An other example; While I was not well in Finland I was chased through legal bureau and I had police helicopters chasing me when things started to get out of hands. No one shared a serious attitude towards me.
Then I started to work in a different profession and continue my further studies. And I am not a single case. I really believe more in protecting one’s rights more with arms, than to socialist Finland and its civil officials. These Russia friendly or Russia related people have institutionalised Finns in their games. Which brings me back to our government; I had to choose other Applied University, because Government Bureau was in charge of recruiting students into one of these instances and the person did not like me.
Healthy human being become sick and ill person never cures in the hand of Finnish socialist government workers. And now I am talking about Finnish police force (Ministry of Internal Affairs) and Finnish legal system together with socialist workers in government.

After I became cured a little bit I was able to date a doctor, which I liked a lot. However there is no further for us any more; I still remember the days I had to scare for my life because I had no gun to protect myself or my property (I had already lost my fiancé at the time) and I know my present friends can not share this experience with me. I simply can not trust or do trust to anyone any more.

Three different times my home has been under intrusion and two times I have been a victim of a failed assassination. One I have been a victim of a violent act committed by District Court senior judge – at the time I was not armed, which explains the situation. The list is an endless story. This is now socialism and communism affects to people and how they work. They think they can do anything because Russia would protect them. These people have killed with the cruellest ways and they shall not be felt pity towards.

Would you rather like to hear about the Finnish Jewish lawyer having made a child to woman not his wife while married happily? Or should I tell you how these lawyers first charge businessmen and then they purchase a second apartment where they can fu*k their ex-client for the rent? This is the true picture of the State of Finland. In any other western state hopefully a security service would eliminate this threat by jailing these bastards. There is no need to feel any pity, when these people fall into the street from some marines assault riffle.

With all the respect, and with the privilege given by Finnish Law’s Code of Act 1st section paragraph 12, I am asking to consider of assassinating our end highest legal authority for killing her fellow citizens – our president Tarja Halonen (Member of the Socialist Party, lawyer) and ex-PM Paavo Lipponen (Member of the Socialist Party, blue collar). Alternatively you may get rid of those people faking private ownership documentation made by lawyers, meaning named Police Commissioner, Court Judges and solicitors. Since Socialist network is a bit wider, you may have to get rid of these people’s academic chain involving some of our end leading doctors, professors and government bureau managers (such like KELA). Either way, these people have violated our law without being punished and have make people like myself walking on streets, while they import emigrants plus feed and cloth them besides hiring them to our government. It is a sad thing to see EU granting us food assistance to save Finnish, while our Socialists are more concerned about feeding and clothing other. And believe me charity differs, since quite a few Finnish Businessmen live under minimum income because our government is trying to monitor our income a bit too anxiously.

This is the true picture of Finland, dear readers. Like I have previously asked agencies to smuggle automatics into Finland for private property protection, I will here repeat this request. There is no need to feel any pity in protecting one’s family against people lacking morale or not respecting family values.

And believe me. This story is only the top of the ice-burg; Socialist Finland Police Force is making any effort in preventing people with similar experience to contact to those people willing to inspect their case and return their property. These Finnish born people are being prevented of getting into public by Finnish and Russia socialists. So in case you accidentally shoot a Finnish lawyer, there is no need feel sorry for this unfortunate happening. Especially because Finnish Lawyers are parasites, who get their share automatically from this socialist government – why would they turn against the machinery feeding them. Communism and socialism works in a cleaver ways. Make sure you do not fall into their traps.

There is no doubt, that these people had not committed killing through their acts. Bear that in mind foreign capital owners. There has not been a legal way to punish these people for their Code violations. It is one of the most important things to bear in mind when you come across a Finnish socialist president or our end lawyer.

Makes me hope, that someone like John F. Kennedy, would not had been involved into some dirty political decision making, since they seem to bring unwanted end results. Especially since everyone liked John F Kennedy very much.
Usually there is some reason for conspiracy, if one exists and if people must be punished for their acts in this cruel and unnatural ways. However, it is always God’s decision in the end, since he created man.

Åke Tyvi
adult engineering student, datanomi
University of Applied Technology

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