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Food Not Bombs Santa Cruz seeks help

Food Not Bombs has been feeding without discrimination since 1981 (Boston, Mass.), and is now in over 270 countries around the world. We act in defiance of weapons of mass destruction, and believe that as Martin Luther King said "Peace is not the absence of tension, but the presence of justice."

We are a small and young collective seeking experienced cooks and other volunteers. Donations of reusable spoons and bowls would be wonderful! If you are interested please email johndoe3332145 (at) or contact a food not bombs Santa Cruz collective member and express your interest. We are also starting gardens.

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Food Not Bombs Santa Cruz is starting gardens and would appreciate, please, greatly the donation of any garden supplies and seeds. If you have interest in gourmet cooking or other volunteering please epress your interest to a Food Not Bombs collective member, or Email johndoe3332145 (at)

We can also use lettuce/brassica/celery butts and regrow them out. If you have space in your garden or unused land we would like to plant it. Thank you so much for your hard work, time and energy. Great love,peace, and harmony,

feed two birds with one seed, plant it.

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Re: Food NOt Bombs Santa Cruz seeks help

please forward this announcement to anyone who may help, thank you!

The sun shines brightly on us all, let it be our guide for unity.

shave and a hair cut

perhaps SC FNB should consider actually receiving food donations from local businesses, cooking, and then serving the food to the hungry again rather than starting gardens and spending all day at the cesspool...

Re: Food Not Bombs Santa Cruz seeks help

i love the cess pool!

Re: Food Not Bombs Santa Cruz seeks help

Digger, your webpage is so cool. I've learned a lot from it already.

Re: Food Not Bombs Santa Cruz seeks help

is there currently a fnb serving food in santa cruz? if so when and where are the servings?

Free Soup for the Revolution

A handy graphic that is sometimes hard to find...
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If you like the soup pot graphic, check out the url below for a larger version.

Food Not Bombs Houston


If we were to spend the amount of money we spend on weaponry on feeding the homeless. We could eliminate the homeless problem the world over. Poverty is a form of violence. We often assume that poverty is inevitable for some people, but with the surplus of food in this country alone, no one should have to go hungry. Poverty is, instead, a way of maintaining the status quo in a society. If everyone had equal access to the necessities of life, as well as equal opportunity to education, work, etc., some very powerful people would suddenly find themselves with a little bit less due to the fact that they no longer control such a large piece of the economic pie. As an organization, Food Not Bombs simply tries to redistribute a tiny portion of the wealth (in this case, food) that so many seem to not want to give up. The name "Food Not Bombs" means just that. With so many people at home and abroad going hungry, and so much of our wealth controlled by so few, and going towards such terrible things as weaponry, it's insane to assume that we can't redistribute some of that wealth to those who need it.

Re: Food Not Bombs Santa Cruz seeks help

Does food not bombs (Santa Cruz) have a phone number?


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