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A few pix from Felton Radio benefit

A bunch of folks turned out Friday night at the Felton Community Hall to learn about independent media, support Felton Free Radio, and watch good movies. Plus, there was old-timey music to dance along with!

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Re: A few pix from Felton Radio benefit

holy smokes!!! it's Black Anus!!! god damn, those sexy little squatter kids would make me cream my pants, but i aint wearin none.(hehehee) as for the hot washtub player - there aint no need for pants either brother! the accordion player needz to be more naked too, and the banjo player... i mean... you're so damn cute i wanna use your sweat as hair gel. what do you say you swing by my house later on tonight. you can play me songs on your little banjo of yours, then we can make some songs of our own - with OUR instruments! WINK, WINK.

Re: A few pix from Felton Radio benefit

I see only men performing in these bands. WHY are there no womyn? Are womyn not allowed to perform?
I have heard that Christianity is very popular in Boulder Creek, Ben Lomond, and Felton.

^ this person obviously doesn't know any of us...

to the webmasters: why is it that only the comment above by "Primal" is left up??? all of the other comments have been erased. i am baffled as to why sc imc is erasing (censoring) comments made, even when not done by trolls. it just kinda bums me out seeing this happen on my favorite website. and of all comments to leave up.... of course womyn are "allowed" to perform! if you have a band, come play next time. personally i see "Primal's" comment as a generalized attack on what he/she sees as men being dominating, when clearly he/she was not at the event to see the beautiful people involved in putting this thing on. all the love to the felton radio folks, freak radio folks and the cesspool band for another AMAZING performance (you guys rock)! and... unanswered questions for the webmasters of s.c. imc...

Hiding comments...

Yeah, sorry about that.

Too much mescaline can really fuck your judgement sometimes. =-p


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