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Activists and Musicians Come Together to Promote Open Voting

On Friday, February 4th at 7:30pm in the Veterans Memorial Building in downtown Santa Cruz, activists and musicians will speak and perform at an event to promote and benefit a new open voting system.
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Did your vote count in the 2004 election? Many California residents got their vote put in writing for fear that electronic voting machines would not count their vote. Maybe their decision was a good one. There were cases such as in Gahanna, Ohio where out of 638 ballots cast, Bush received 4,258 votes to Kerry's 260. Additionally, there were many cases reported where electronic machines switched people's votes from one candidate to the other. This is perhaps what caused the exit poll results in Florida, New Mexico, and Ohio (where they used electronic voting machines) to show Kerry as the winner, whereas the electronic machine tallies showed Bush as the winner in these three key states. Also, Bev Harris (from Black Box Voting) showed on national television (with Howard Dean), how easy it is to hack into the Deibold voting system.

Activists, musicians, and concerned citizens of Santa Cruz are coming together on February 4th to put on an event to benefit the Open Voting Consortium- a non-profit that is working to get a new open voting system into election booths around the country. The Open Voting Consortium system uses open source software (anyone can see how the machines are programmed), recycled computers, and voter verified paper ballots. The whole system is owned by the people, for the people, and is supported by many activist groups (Voters Unite, Verified Voting, Black Box Voting).

At the event, parts of the movies "Votergate" and "Electile Dysfunction" will be shown, activist Emily Levy will tell the public about the anomalies found in Ohio, and Maureen Smith will speak about her meetings with the Secretary of State. Alan Dechert, president and founder of the Open Voting Consortium will speak about the open voting system as well as answer questions from the audience.

Also at the event will be entertainment by the rockin' political band Ms. Information, music by the Santa Cruz Jazz Society, food, and a dance performance by the local political dance troop- the Federal Dancing Authority.

The event will be held on Friday, February 4th at 7:30pm in the Veterans Memorial Building in downtown Santa Cruz. There will be a requested donation of $20-$30 and $10 for students but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!


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Re: Activists and Musicians Come Together to Promote Open Voting

A completely objective viewpoint is that this is very clear and well written and persuasive and if I were anywhere in the area I would be there with bells on.


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