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AIDS Workers Laid Off Locally: Both Sides To Speak on Free Radio

AIDS workers laid off by project director Christopher Smith locally will present their concerns at 6 PM tonight --Thursday 1-27; Smith is tentatively scheduled to respond 9:30 AM on Sunday 1-30

The Bathrobespierre's Broadsides show can be heard at 101.1 FM and

It is archived at .
On Tuesday 1-25, laid-off AIDS workers spoke at City Council during the Oral Communications period. They expressed concerns about the mass layoff that recently happened. At 6 PM today (Thursday 1-27), they will be speaking about the issue on Free Radio Santa Cruz.

On Sunday 1-30 at 9:30 AM, Christopher Smith, the man who laid them off, is tentatively scheduled to respond.

Tune in at 101.1 FM or check the web at Phone in at 831-427-3772. You can also join the chatroom at

More info: Contact Robert Norse at 831-423-4833

Also check the Sentinel articles at the URL below.

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