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Justice for Rudy Cardenas

Mp3 audio link to Lailo, Tom & Darleen discussing the Legal update on the case of Micheal Walker a Calif. Drug agent who shot and killed Rudy Cardenas on Feb 17 2004 he was arraigned today for volentary manslaughter in San Jose California.
Mp3 Audio link:

The Murder of Rudy Cardenas on 02-17-2004

•12:30pm State Narcotics Agents were staking out David Gonzales’ house. David was only wanted for not checking in with his parole officer.

•Mike Walker (BNE Agent) said he was staking out David’s house as a van drove by. Walker also admits he never got a good look at the man’s face in the van because he was on a cell phone that covered the side of his face.

•Walker followed the van in his ford thunderbird. Walker said that he attempted to pull over the van and the van fled.

•Walker then pursues a high speed chase through the streets of downtown San Jose. The way the pursuit took place was against the Bureau of Narcotics Agency’s policy.

•Brian Link (BNE Agent) calls 911 to inform the SJPD about the pursuit. Dispatch asked Link what the name of the suspect was and the vehicles license plate number. Link did not know the answer to either.

•San Jose Police Sergeant Paneghetti said “Vehicles are blowing red lights. I think we ought to call their supervisor.?
•The chase ended at 4th & St. James in front of the Shires Memorial Apartments. (Senior housing)

•Rudy ran from his van down the alley way, jumped the chain linked fence and continued down the parking lot.

•Walker followed behind with his gun ready. 1:23pm At the end of the alley and through the fence Walker fired at Cardenas. Cardenas was shot in the back. Liroff asked “Did he ever point the object at you.? Walker replied “NO.? Liroff asked “was he always running from you?? Walker replied “Yes.?

•Minutes after the shooting Walker told his supervisor that he was unsure whether or not Cardenas had a weapon.

•Months later Walker said that he feared for his life and believed strongly that Cardenas had a gun in the grand jury.

•Walker also said that he took his cover shirt off in his vehicle but it was later found in the front of the Shires Memorial Apartments.

•Several witnesses, including Dorothy Duckett said Rudy had nothing in his hands. Dorothy also
said that Rudy said that he held his hands up and said repeatedly “Don’t Shoot!, I’ve all ready been shot?

•Several officers patted down Cardenas and did not find any weapons on him.

•1:27pm Agents call the ambulance from their cell phones. (four minutes later)
•The SJ Fire asked the dispatcher if the scene was clear and she said “Hold on a minute.? Then she hung up with the SJ Fire

•1:34pm The ambulances arrive on the scene. The paramedics cut off Rudy’s clothes on the scene before taking him to the hospital. Meanwhile Rudy was left on the floor in blood soaked clothes handcuffed in plastic zip ties.

•1:53pm Rudy arrives at the San Jose Medical Center half an hour later. Rudy had lost too much blood & had no pulse.

•1:57pm Rudy is pronounced dead.

•Crime Scene Investigators arrive and find a knife in Rudy’s pant’s pocket. The knife was examined and has no fingerprints on it. The knife also has only a small amount of blood on it for being in blood soaked clothes.

•The agents were caught in lie after lie.

Please Call To Request A Open Grand Jury For Johnnie Nakao
Karen Sinunu District Attorney-Peter Waite
(408) 792-2702 (408) 792-2603

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