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No Business like socialism

When one has to pay 50USD for something normally worth of 5USD is there something wrong with the pricing in monopoly. But, how about selling it for 20USD in cash to fix the salary?

FIN – The other day I was looking around how Finnish blue collars make their work. And they do make it, believe me.

The only thing is to know what attitude would a Texas Oil Farmer, Shopping Mall owner or Garage Owner share with Finnish blue collars.

In Finland - were socialists are sitting in a leading position - is business run as follows; from Monday until Friday one has to work for the business during business hours. During business hours some service pays let us say 5USD. Off business hours and weekends one has a multiple choice to pay for the service. You may either get billed and pay 50USD for the privilege of being billed, or you may pay in cash 20USD to the person in shift. That sounds fare you say. It is ok – what r u grumbling about? Nothing really, but I need to make sure you got the point, Texas. In USA terms and in Texas this would mean; from Mon till Fri you get oil at standard price cost, and off hours trace mean either ten times as high cost if you ask it to be billed, or our staff making off records trade. It is this hard to hire socialists to a private company in Finland – they need to make some money on their own too. To a Shopping Mall Owner it would mean his subordinates selling every weekend his products for fun of letting them make some money on Mall owner’s cost. Comrate, would this explain, why on most construct yards some material may lost even twice? And to every Garage Owner it simply means boys doing some service in you space just you to let them work for you. This is Socialist Finland’s understanding of socialist capitalism.

I do not envy this way of living. May I can soon work for some building site too. Hiring a Finnish worker is the best possibly thing you can do. Believe me. That’s why we don’t hire any capitalist.

Government gets, what belongs to the government, workers get what belongs to them and businesses just and just survive.

Myself came to live in Finland few years ago and I haven’t got any plans to move from here.

Ivan Stolisnajatski

Ps. This article is based on true story and true rate example.

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