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KFC Protest

KFC Protest in Santa Cruz on Mission St. We will meet at 4 at the Food Bin on Mission st, then walk the 2 blocks down to KFC as a group.
We will have a freelance writer there who is doing a story on the KFC campaign and the photographer from the paper where it will be puiblished. We will also have a giant, wheelchair bound chicken! This protest should be really fun. I encourage everyone who can make it to be there! I really want a good picture in the paper, so the more people the better!

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Re: KFC Protest

what day is the rally?

Forgot to post date!

It will be on Febuary 12th, which is a Saturday.

Re: KFC Protest

Hi Sarah, thank you for organizing the KFC protest. The way chickens are raised and killed is horrific and barbaric.

Check out for info about United Poultry Concerns which has been fighting cruelty to poultry for 15 years

Also, there is a chicken hatchery operating at the intersection of Rodruguez St and Jose St in Live Oak . Every week a giant tractor trailor brings in thousands of fertile eggs from back east.

When they are locally hatched ( male chicks are smothered in garbage bags as soon as they emerge from their shells) trucks arrive to take the surviving chicks to lives of horror at Foster Farms and other bird concentration camps.

It would be great to figure out how to shut down this horror!

Re: KFC Protest

Thank you Bird Woman. I do know about the hatchery. Actually, my dad worked there maybe 20 years ago when he was desperate for work. He quit when workers were stomping male chicks to death because they were 'useless'. I also have a friend who has previously worked on shutting them down. If you have any ideas let me know. I would be interested in doing more for the most abused creature on the planet.

Re: KFC Protest

But it's still finger licken good. I love KFC, especially the Extra Crispy and that Gravey. Mmmmmmm.. I'm eating some right now, makes a great breakfast.

Re: KFC Protest

to "gal",— there's something creepy about a woman feasting on the female flesh of chickens. Women are also valued for their eggs which are bought by fertility clinics and a derogatory name for women is "chicks"

Both are consumed in a male supremacist society, women by the porn industry, the fertility clinics and for cheap labor.

Like chickens, many women are forced to bear young against their will (re-production) by anti choice laws and scripture. We are also factory farmed and there is a direct link between the abuse of chickens and the abuse of women.

Any abuse of power legitimizes ALL abuse of power.

Re: KFC Protest

>a freelance writer there...
>and the photographer from the
>paper where it will be puiblished.


I sure hope that you intend to put the story and photos on this site, too.

Re: KFC Protest

>>chicken hatchery operating at the intersection of Rodruguez St and Jose St in Live Oak

they can't be running a clean facility. maybe they can be shut down for code violations.

Re: KFC Protest

Cal-Cruz hatchery (1010 Rodriguez) is a long beige building next door to the Collin's house (hatchery owner) on the corner of Jose and Rodriguez St.

It is neatly landscaped and keeps a low-pro. However, once in a while you can smell the stench of death. Once I found a severed leg of a baby chick on the sidewalk.

This section of Live Oak was once full of hatcheries, hence the name of local streets such as Chanticleer and Coopmans.
Cal-Cruz is the last concentration camp for helpless baby birds in the area.

How sad to live in such a cruel, insensitive and barbarous society. I feel like an alien.

Re: KFC Protest

LOL, You poeple need to eat as well as millions of others, The freedoms of the USA let us make the choice of what we eat! Stop wasting your time and efforts on a lost cause. Start trying to figure out how to suppress your stomachs and the need to eat!! Then you can say your doing somthing productive!!
By the way you like the landscape of the building, I worked very hard to make it a nice place other then a toxic wasted parking lot for the parents picking up thier children!!
Seeing the oil and fuel spills were far worse the feeding thise same familys.
Peace Out from a native born and raised santa cruz dude!


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