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June 10-12 Weekend of Resistance for Jeff 'Free' Luers

June 10-12 will be a Weekend of Resistance for Jeff Luers this year. We are asking for your participation and active solidarity to plan actions, events, film screenings, shows-whatever you want-for that weekend. As always, the goal is to highlight Jeff's case and help him get out of prison sooner than his disgusting 23 year sentence.
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June 10-12 Weekend of Resistance for Jeff 'Free' Luers

June 2005 marks the five-year anniversary of the imprisonment of our
friend and comrade: Oregon environmental political prisoner, Jeff “Free�
Luers. Jeff was sentenced to more than 22 years in prison for burning
three Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) at a car dealership in Eugene, Oregon,
and on trumped up attempted arson charges. Jeff set fire to
SUVs to call attention to climate change and to protest oil wars and
environmental destruction. Jeff was motivated by compassion and a desire
to protect life, not to harm it, despite what some might think of his
tactics. Prior to his arrest, Jeff was a popular community activist in
Eugene. He was well-known to law enforcement because of his involvement
with national forest protection (starting an occupation of a controversial
old-growth timber sale in 1998), anti-police brutality activism
(documenting rampant police abuse in Eugene), free food programs in a
local park and his teaching of self-defense to women. Since his
imprisonment, Jeff has continued to be extremely active in prison and
fight oppression with his words and inspiration.

On June 12, 2004, social and environmental activists in the US, Canada,
England, Scotland, Norway, Finland, Australia, and Russia participated in
an “International Day of Action� with Jeff by organizing non-violent
protests and community events to show their support for him and their
disgust for his cruel sentence. The FBI responded by creating a real
'Green Scare', sending a memo to businesses, corporate media, and
government agencies warning of planned “terrorist attacks� by the “Earth
Liberation Front� on June 12. Of course, no “terrorist attacks� ever
occurred. All of the events were peaceful and public, ranging from
concerts and demonstrations, to video showings and dinner parties. Even
some mainstream media outlets recognized the FBI memo for what it was - a
manipulative, dishonest attempt to incite fear- and criticized them for
that. Some participants in the June 12 day of action withstood intense
harassment including being photographed, videotaped and questioned with
one group actually being evicted due to the hysteria from the FBI.

Since the June 12, 2004 Day of Action, support for Jeff has continued to grow
and strengthen. People all over the world see Jeff as a political prisoner
and acknowledge that his sentence is meant as a deterrent to increased
resistance to oppression. Overall however, the political climate in the US
and abroad has become more corrupt and repressive. On the home-front, the
prison industrial complex continues to expand, repressive laws and
legislation continued to get pushed by lying politicians, political
prisoners are denied parole as the real criminals receive little or no
punishment, and the already weak laws that exist to protect the
environment are quickly being eliminated by blood-thirsty industry and the
Bush administration. On the international level, the Bush regime is
intensifying military aggression in Iraq, planning future actions in Iran
and the proposed Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales is attempting to
undermine the Geneva Convention to justify the torture tactics used by US
soldiers and prison guards at Abu Gharib and Guantanamo Bay. The
conditions are ripe to expose the hypocrisy of the system. Opposition and
dissent is needed now possibly more than ever before.

During the weekend of June 10-12th, 2005, social justice activists from
across the world are called upon again to organize and show their outrage
about Jeff’s imprisonment and the continued abuse and isolation of
dissident prisoners across the globe. State repression is meant as a
deterrent to social and environmental movements all over. Jeff received a
sentence of over 22 years for an action that harmed no one except for the
pocketbook of a local car dealer. Typical arson charges in Oregon result
in sentences less than five years. The Judge in Jeff's case sentenced a
man to 18 years last year for child molestation. Charles Graner Jr,
responsible for the brutal torture and sexual harassment of Iraqi
Prisoners of War at Abu Gharib received only ten years! Every day in
every city, cops receive little or no punishment for crimes against the
public. This cannot be tolerated! Fight for the political prisoners
because they have fought for you, against racism & poverty, war &
imperialism, and the pillaging of the natural world. They’re in there for
us - we are out here for them!

June 10-12th, 2005, is a Weekend of Resistance with Jeff “Free� Luers. There is no central organizing body or group to check in with but the Jeff Luers Support Network can help by providing you with flyers, graphics, and merchandise such as videos, zines and stickers about Jeff and allies in the struggle. Begin planning your event now. Read more
about Jeff’s case at Read more about political prisoners at Plan an action that makes sense for your area: a demonstration, treesit, music festival, teach-in, stenciling campaign, rally, protests at an American consulate or embassy overseas or public forum. Circulate petitions. Write letters to the Governor of Oregon asking him to look into Jeff's case. Contribute to
Jeff's legal defense. Do what you think is appropriate. But please remember when planning an action or event think about how it could affect Jeff’s upcoming appeal. Ask yourself: does this help or hurt Jeff? Does this strengthen the movement or weaken it in the long-term? More ideas for action and updates for the June 10-12 Weekend of Resistance for Jeff 'Free' Luers will be posted to

East Coast contact: Friends of Jeff 'Free' Luers freefreenow (at)
West Coast Contacts: Break the Chains breakthechains02 (at)
San Francisco Jeffrey Luers Support Network freejeffreyluers (at)

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