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Did J20 Protest Have An Effect? Read This Excellent Report

January 20, 2005 DC Report
the unreported news of inauguration day
by Avram Friedman

Visible Resistance to Bush Grows Geometrically in Fourteen Days
...........There was a cluster of five or six dark black limousines one of which apparently contained George W. Bush. As this cluster came into sight and began slowly moving past us on Pennsylvania Avenue a spontaneous and seemingly unanimous chant began rolling down both sides of the street. "SHAME-SHAME-SHAME-SHAME-SHAME-SHAME" with synchronous back and forth pointing of fingers by the entire crowd, tens of thousands, it seemed the reverse of the "HEIL HITLER" chorus witnessed in Berlin during World War Two. Echoing down the avenue in tremendous deafening waves corresponding to the position of the limos, the chant morphed to "SHAME-ON-YOU, SHAME-ON-YOU, SHAME-ON-YOU, SHAME-ON-YOU, SHAME-ON-YOU." Then a new theme arose, "TELL-THE-TRUTH, TELL-THE-TRUTH, TELL-THE-TRUTH."

The police lines in the street visibly stiffened as the clear, synchronous chant continued. Their faces lost the smugness of disdain and ridicule that had characterized them throughout the day, being replaced by the appearance of uneasiness, uncertainty and perhaps a hint of fear. The emotion of the crowd was raw. The black windows of the limo would protect the rider from the non-existent bullets, fruits and eggs, but not from the eruption of emotion from the crowd. The roar of "SHAME-ON-YOU" and the pure volcanic energy of psychic tension that permeated the parade route left nowhere to hide for the leader of the free world. For that period of time his elaborate bubble of insulation had been pierced. This was not a hand-picked crowd that had been weeded of dissenters as during the 2004 election campaign. The illusion of universal support and admiration that was so carefully crafted by his team had been shattered. George W. Bush was exposed to reality. The out-of-touch President was thrust into direct contact with his constituency. It must have been an excruciatingly long and harrowing ride between the Capitol Building and the White House.

Please vist Mr. Friedman's website for the complete article with Photos and three short video clips. If this link is in-active, please try another IMC site.

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