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DOE Has Plans for Iran's Neighbors

Recently, there has been a flurry of activity between the leaders of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Iran. Energy Department documents explain why these lesser known countries have become so important and very shortly will be major news items... at least in the free press, i.e., DOGSPOT

...the 1999 natural gas discovery of Azerbaijan's Shah Deniz field appears to have boosted the region's natural gas export prospects. The Shah Deniz field...
is thought to be the

largest natural gas discovery worldwide since 1978

Caucasus Region

As herein defined, the Caucasus Region consists of two highly dependent net energy importers surrounded by some of the world’s energy giants (i.e. Russia, Iran, and to a smaller but growing extent, Azerbaijan). Energy priorities of the Caucasus countries, therefore, are two-fold: to diversify their energy supplies; and to cash in on transit revenues as their neighbors develop export facilities which traverse their territory. Three of the new export pipelines will pass through Georgia, while none are scheduled to cross Armenia due to Azerbaijan's unstable bilateral relationship with Armenia.

The Soviet Union bequeathed a number of problems to the Caucasus countries, including artificially drawn national borders and centrally-planned economies that were heavily dependent on Russia. Even before Azerbaijan and Armenia declared independence, fighting broke out in 1988 between the then-Soviet republics over the disputed area of Nagorno-Karabakh, and separatist conflicts sparked in Georgia soon after independence. Some of the regional conflicts that flared in different parts of the Caucasus throughout the 1990's are now dormant, but few have been officially resolved...

UNTIL LAST WEEK... when negotiations were smoothed over with help from Iran

If you haven't noticed, traffic has been fast and furious between Iran, Afghanistan, Ajerbaijan. No coincidence. Soon the tip of the iceberg will appear. Don't expect this story to break suddenly - like our manipulations in Iraq, Iran and Palestine, these plans have been evolving for decades. Now we have a ruthless administration with 100s of billions to throw around and they are poised to cash in.

Keep your eyes open - the "Mideast Crisis" is ready for a new phase

David Roknich



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