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Announcement: Help meet a Chomsky challenge to support independent news & The NewStandard

Help meet a Chomsky challenge to support independent news and The NewStandard
The NewStandard is a new online news source which provides independent, nonprofit, anticommercial news coverage from a people's perspective.

The NewStandard provides regular new, professionally-sourced coverage of the environment, business and the economy (including labor struggles!), civil liberties, and the crisis in Iraq.

Check it out online:

And more importantly, The NewStandard is right now in a fundraising drive for new regular paid members. Support The NewStandard, and Noam Chomsky (no kidding!) will triple your first month's donation.

Here's what St. Noam had to say about The NewStandard:

"It is hard to exaggerate the significance these days of independent, careful, probing and thoughtful news reporting. The NewStandard has set a very high standard in that regard. It has already won an important place among those who want to understand the world, and to act to change it. And the prospects ahead are exciting. I hope you will join in helping The NewStandard achieve these critically important goals."

You can donate online here:

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