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Scotts Valley School Board Coverage

Here are a few extra audio samples of the hearing on tolerance at SVH.
interuption.mp3 (1507 k)
SVUSD attorney Richard Noack gave an overview of the school's anti-discrimination obligations under state and federal guidelines. During his presentation one man, Gary Arnold of Live Oak, attempted to have the meeting halted on a fire code violation.

dandrea_long cut.mp3 (1200 k)
Don D'Andrea concludes his thoughts with a few recommendations.

snyder 1 min.mp3 (939 k)
A snack of the comments by Pacific Justice Institute attorney, Kevin Snyder. Interesting how the term "homophobe" is a slur in his vocabulary. According to American Heritage dictionary, a homophobe is a person who hates or fears homosexual people.

kelly quinn JR.mp3 (1278 k)
Kelly Quinn is a junior at SVH

dustin soph.mp3 (802 k)
Dustin is a sophomore at SVH

matt otterman.mp3 (2936 k)
Matt Otterman is a teacher at SVH

karen babbett.mp3 (3111 k)
Karen Babbett, a SVH teacher, moved many in the crowd to tears.

rene jill ohana .mp3 (5316 k)
Jill & Rene Ohana, domestic partners, are both teachers at Scotts Valley High.

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Re: Scotts Valley School Board Coverage

Thanks for posting these - two seem to be cut short - can you repost more complete versions of them? Better, post a file with the entire student speak-out section of the evening! Thanks!

Re: Scotts Valley School Board Coverage

Honestly, I don't have the time to re-record, edit, and post the entire audio. It was a long meeting. I will try and post a couple other, longer files over the weekend...


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