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'CalTrans Continues Selective Banner Removal on Highway 17'

'A heavy wooden sign hung from the Summit Road overpass on highway 17 sometime during Labor Day Weekend. A nearby CalTrans truck was removing other signs
but left this one.'

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Free speech on overpasses

Thanks for being so diligent in your reporting on the sign on Summit Rd.
I had actually driven southbound on Hwy. 17 that very morning at around 8am and did not see the sign. From the photo it seems this would be a hard sign to miss even if you weren't looking for it so I suspect it did not go up too long before it was originally reported to you.

Coincidentally, just yesterday Sept. 5th, our lawyers on the Caltrans case called to let us know that a high ranking Caltrans official has stated for the court record that all Caltrans districts have been directed to LEAVE EVERYTHING UP! that is securely fastened! This is a major victory for us and free speech!

We intend to put their words to the test ASAP and will keep IMC posted on further banner hangs but I would like to encourage anyone to exercise their freedom of speech and GO HANG YOUR MESSAGES, particularly in light of the outrageous attempts by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld to drag the world into a senseless and baseless war.


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