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A Family in Baghdad

the mother and sons keep a web log on
The notions of religion are different from those of society. The Islamic Religion is much more fair to women, than the back-wards notions of society.
A lot of injustice was heaped upon women in our Islamic world, and usually religion is the accused, but I do not see it as the real reason.
There are entries in English and Arabic in this openly shared yet introspective diary. For DOGSPOT, of course, I've chosen some obviously political musings from the Feb. 6th entries on
There is no justice…. This faction, who is very much "loose" from the values of society, is basking in fame and protection, while the decent faction, those who possess logical, quiet ambitions, are unjustly treated, and nobody wants to hear them, or do them justice. It is a world ill with a split-personality.
This split-personality we inherited from false leaders, claiming the love of Islam, while destroying it at the same time.
Saddam Hussein, for instant, leads a "Campaign of Faith" to teach the Holy Quran, while he wages a war against Iran, making the Muslim kill his brother, the other Muslim. For what?
Weren't the interests of the west at stake, then? Hummmm.
Then, he attacked Kuwait, destroying a Muslim country, killing and imprisoning Muslim men, committing violence against Muslim women? Thus implanting hatred between the Iraqis and Kuwaitis for long years. He then announced he shall liberate Jerusalem, and wrote " ALLAH IS GREAT" on the Iraqi flag?? A comedy, huh.
Of course, many fools believed him, inside and outside of Iraq, running behind him and yelling; This is the great Muslim leader.
And in other Arab countries, they used to, and still are, beating prisoners, and threaten to rape their women, to force them to give confessions?
What is left of Islam?
I believe that what is happening to us is the punishment of GOD, so we would wake up from our slumber, and reform our deformed path. So we would be more honest in our lives and way of thinking, in our relations with GOD, and with each other.

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