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New AntiWar Org. Springs Forth from Campus Rally

“How do you kill a puppet? You cut its strings!?

The Antiwar Coalition meets on Fridays from 5-7 pm at Baytree Conference Room D (subject to change).
On January 20th, about 200 students turned out for an antiwar speak out in front of the McHenry Library, organized by Revolution Youth, the International Socialist Organization, and the College Democrats. The bullhorn was open to all who wished to speak, and students associated with the planning organizations, as well as many others, took their turn. Included among the memorable moments was when College Democrats organizer Nathan explained, with an air of frustration, that the problem with the state of party politics in this country today is that the Republicans just ignore you, but the Democrats ignore you too, and “get you to work for them.? A UCSC student named Emily also proved to be a passionate speaker at her turn in front of the crowd. “George Bush is a puppet,? she declared, and “how do you kill a puppet? You cut its strings!? Immediately following the noon rally, many of the students who showed up for the event took part in a meeting to reestablish the antiwar movement here at UCSC.

Two years ago, with the prospect of a war on Iraq looming, students at this campus formed Standing United for Peace (SUP). SUP organized rallies and teach-ins that year, among other things, but disbanded at the end of 2003 due in part to the general sense of disempowerment associated with antiwar organizing that swept the nation after failing to prevent the war. Recognizing the need for persistent organizing against the war, the Committee to End the Occupation formed last year with a handful of students, but had trouble getting interest and involvement. But in the aftermath of George Bush’s re-election and in the face of increasing chaos in Iraq, there appears to be renewed student energy for organizing against this unjust, imperialistic war. The new organization, although as of yet nameless, has met three times already. While setting its sights on the larger goal of ending the war in Iraq and bringing the troops home, the organization has also identified three campaigns here at UCSC that fall under the umbrella of an antiwar agenda, and has split up into working groups around these campaigns. The campaigns are as follows: to get military recruiters banned from job fairs at UCSC and to help high schools in the community kick recruiters off of their campuses, to expose and put an end to weapons research that is being conducted on our campus, as well as the UC’s role in managing the nuclear weapons labs in Livermore and Los Alamos, and finally to put an end to the U.S. government’s monitoring and harassment of foreign students under the Patriot Act. Interested in getting involved? Now is a good time, as things are just getting started. The antiwar group meets on Fridays from 5-7 pm at the Baytree conference center. Hope to see you there!

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Re: New AntiWar Org. Springs Forth from Campus Rally

What we need is an enduring anti-war movement that is here for the long run, not a bunch of kids who will forget about Dubya's global drive towards imperialization every time there's another midterm or final. All UCSC students give us is more smog from their shiny new Volkswagon Beetle cars and higher rent as they contribute to the gentrification of Santa Cruz while they spend daddy's money and drive more lower-income families further out of town. Just for once I would like to see UCSC students have a net positive impact on the city which hosts and tolerates them.

My opinion.


More Anti-War Contacts

Perhaps if the AntiWar is still meeting regularly, they could post their meeting times here on indymedia in the calendar section?

They're also invited to send reps to HUFF Wednesdays at Baker's Square at 1107 Ocean St. 8-11 AM. Or check out HUFF's Vigil Against Two Wars in front of New Leaf Market on Wednesdays 6-9 PM, Thujrsdays in front of Borders 6-8 PM.

There'a also a "Peace Sunday" gathering against the war downtown at the corner of Soquel and Pacific noon to 2 PM.

City Council's "hot"line (a local joke) is 420-5020 in case anyone wants to encourage them to get their shit together and pass a U.S. Out of Iraq resolution. It's kind of pathetic that the Santa Cruz City Council lags behind Rep. "go-slow" Sam Farr, who's come out for some kind of withdrawal discussion with the Woolsey resolution (though it's still not posted on Farr's website as of last week).

SEIU members might also ask their paid union reps why they're spending so much time on supporting the S.C. Coast Hotel, which never had a full union vote, instead of moving to end the war--which is massively leaching away local jobs and benefits. Last year the broader SEIU voted to bring the troops home. No action from our local in-bed-with-the-politicos.

Re: New AntiWar Org. Springs Forth from Campus Rally

Maybe they don't post their meeting time because the don't want YOU to show up, and distort their goals, Robert. The only local joke is you thinking the Santa Cruz City Council passing ANOTHER resolution against the war will have any impact whatsoever to end the war in Iraq. Seems you'll use any excuse and issue to harangue them. Its fine to raise issues on their local homeless and development policies, but lets get real, here. The SC City Council should be applauded for passing an anti-war resolution when it mattered, before the invasion. As I recall, they were first to do so in the country. Since then, they've also opposed the PATRIOT act, torture in Abu-Ghraib, and called for Rumsfeld's impeachment. SFW. Move on, Robert.


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