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End the trafficking and slavery of women and girls

The United States, working with other nations, can combat the modern-day slave trade that traps women who are seeking better opportunities for themselves and their families.
Women's EdgeCoalition

The Problem: Attracted by the prospect of a well-paying job often as a domestic servant, waitress or factory worker, each year between 600,000 to 800,000 women and girls are trafficked throughout the world. Most are promised a legitimate job in another country, but once they arrive, many are forced into slavery-like labor conditions, including prostitution. Consequently, many women suffer physical and emotional abuse, health risks, threats to themselves and their families, and sometimes death.

Many women fall victim to trafficking simply because few jobs and other economic opportunities are available in their own countries. Poverty, women’s low social status, and expanding markets for cheap labor are at the heart of human trafficking. An estimated 18,000 to 20,000 people are trafficked into the United States every year.

The Solution: Investing in educational and economic opportunities for women and girls will cut trafficking off at its roots. Through international assistance programs that give women the tools to find work in their countries, many may not be forced to seek opportunities elsewhere. Tough anti-trafficking laws are also needed for countries to stop the organized crime of trafficking in persons.

In India, for example, the government is working with nonprofit organizations to provide protection, and offer counseling and legal assistance for victims of trafficking. Other countries, such as Romania, are adopting anti-trafficking laws to crack down on this modern-day form of slavery.

Investing in a Better, Safer World
All over the world, people are seeking economic opportunities to create a better life for themselves and their children and to invest in their own countries’ future. The U.S. can be a strong partner in ending trafficking by investing international assistance in proven strategies, such as:
• Investing in programs to boost the economic opportunities available to potential victims of trafficking.
• Investing in initiatives to protect victims, provide shelters and rehabilitation programs, and to prevent the deportation of trafficking victims.
• Providing assistance to help countries at least meet minimum international anti-trafficking standards and strengthen the criminal justice response to trafficking through legislative reform, awareness-raising and training.

By working in partnership with other nations to fight human trafficking, the U.S. will help protect the safety and security of all nations for a better world for everyone.

Take Action, Change Your World.
Question for Your Elected Officials: How will you support ending trafficking of women and girls around the world?

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Sudan is one of the worst offenders

Sudan allows legalized slavery in which boys are often sodomized in a culture which puts a premium on female virginity.

While this article focuses on mostly illegal trafficking in human beings, mostly women. In Sudan, this is encoded and enforced by law, and often breaks down on a racial basis.

For instance, Black Christians in Southern Sudan have been murdered and enslaved by northern Arab Islamic tribes.

Sadly, since much of this is Arab on Arab violence and oppression, very few people in the world seem to give a damn.

Re: End the trafficking and slavery of women and girls

Thank you for reminding us of this terrible practice practice against women and girls worldwide and for offering solutions to these problems. How refreshing!

I know that several Fair Trade coffee and chocolate programs support exactly these sorts of efforts. Many groups participing in "fair trade" activities put a certain amount of the money toward community education. It is especially important, however, that females are also assured equal access to education.

Becky Johnson above brings up a good point about gross human rights abuses in Sudan. The human cost of war on women and children and human rights abuses in Sudan are two current appeals from Amnesty International. You can join their campaign by visiting

U.S. Imperialism Maintains This World Order

The poverty created by capitalist imperialism on a world scale combined with an insane drive for profit by the capitalists leaves us in a world where outright slavery is not a thing of the past and where sexism is still alive and well.

Capitalism is a system of legalized exploitation, discrimination, war, oppression, and environmental degradation. In this capitalist world enough food is produced but people go hungry. We work if we are lucky, but the riches produced by our labor go into the pockets of the wealthy. Yet it is the working class youth that are sent to go fight and die so that U.S. oil monopolies can get direct control trillions of dollars worth of oil under the Iraqi sand. Meanwhile those same capitalists use their control of the government and the economy to keep the U.S. economy dependent on detrimental fossil fuels. In doing so the capitalists have brought on global warming, an environmental and human catastrophe that has only just begun.

Just as the main classes of the capitalist countries are divided between the interests of the capitalist class and its drive for profits at the expense of the working class, the interests of the world are divided between those of the weak, poor, and subjugated nations on the one hand and the interests of the capitalist classes of the rich imperialist countries on the other.

While the working class of the capitalist countries around the world often face clubs, tear gas, and even bullets and torture chambers for organizing to assert our interests against those of the capitalists; So to do the leaders of the weaker capitalist countries face the wrath of the imperialist capitalist class when they try to assert their power to control their own resources.

In the 1970s Iraq nationalized its oil fields. This helped the Iraqi people by taking a chunk of the profits made off of oil out of the hands of the international oil monopolies and instead keeping them in Iraq. This money helped pay for free healthcare and education. As such this was a socialist measure carried out by Saddam Hussein’s capitalist government. It was also a measure that stood up to the interests of the rich and powerful nations. For both reasons socialists supported the nationalization of Iraqi oil while those measures infuriated the imperialists.

This is the essence of the U.S. war against Iraq and Sudan. Sudan is a country that stood up to the murderous and anti-democratic U.S.-Anglo invasion of Iraq.

Ignoring all of this radical Zionist Becky Johnson has been calling for war and occupation against Sudan. Now here she states on Sudan, "Sadly, since much of this is Arab on Arab violence and oppression, very few people in the world seem to give a damn."

Yeah right, Becky Johnson cares about "Arab on Arab" violence like American anti-black racists care about "Black on Black" violence and how Apartheid South Africa warned of "Black on Black" violence if Apartheid was destroyed.

While Becky Johnson bangs the drums for an invasion of Sudan, she refuses to join the calls of human rights activists for an end to billions of dollars in U.S. aid to the repressive regimes in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel.

The U.S. government started the current destabilization program against Sudan after they opposed the first U.S. war against Iraq to save America's repressive oil puppet monarchy in Kuwait. They are the cause of the war and should get out of Sudan now.

The U.S. never solves human rights problems through invasions. U.S. imperialism is guilty of many crimes, from the murder of 3 million Vietnamese with the U.S. war in Vietnam, to hunger, as well as the degradation of the planet itself.

America’s so-called concern for human rights can be seen in the past US interventions in Iraq. Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party first came to power in 1963. Immediately after taking power, based on lists provided by the CIA, they rounded up 5,000 leftists and trade-union leaders and murdered them. After the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait we were shown pictures of Iraqi Kurds killed by poison gas in the U.S. media. What we were not told is why the US was silent when this was happening and the fact that the US supplied the gas to kill the Kurds and to kill Iranians in the Iran-Iraq war. While we are now told of the Iraqi repression of the Kurdish people we are not told of how the Turkish government is carrying out the same policies of genocide against the Turkish Kurds, and doing it with U.S. weaponry.

Now with over 100,000 Iraqis dead, and climbing, Becky Johnson would have us believe that an occupation of Sudan would solve their problems. Nonsense.

Likewise U.S. imperialism will never solve the question of women’s liberation in the Middle East or anywhere else for that matter. Women’s rights to the extent they have been gained in the United States have come about as a result of struggle against the U.S. government by the women’s rights movement that was born out of the radicalization against the U.S. war in Vietnam.

Unlike the US supported governments and forces in the Arab World, Iraqi women before the U.S. invasion had many rights found nowhere else in the Arab World except in the Asian republics of the former Soviet Union. Over 50% of Iraqi doctors were women. Iraqi women were allowed to walk unescorted in the streets. They were allowed to drive. Iraqi women could even freely criticize men. In addition Iraqi women had the right to work and control their own funds. This is in stark contrast to the treatment of women under the repressive U.S. backed governments of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia where women have no rights what-so-ever.

The U.S. ruling class hates governments like Libya, Venezuela, and the former government of Iraq who use(d) the profits of their oil resources partly to benefit the people with social programs. Likewise they love governments like that of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait that strip the people of all their rights and keep the oil profits in the hands of the international oil monopolies and their corrupt local servants. Today in the United States we face unemployment, homelessness, and a lack of health care. The billions of dollars the U.S. is squandering on killing Iraqis to steal their resources should be spent to benefit the working class and poor of the United States.

For the cancellation of the third world debt to stop the theft of resources by the rich countries against the poor! Abolish the World Bank and IMF. Abolish child labor and slavery around the world! Pass the ERA!

End U.S. military aid to the repressive governments of Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Columbia, and Israel! U.S. hands off of Venezuela, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Cuba, and North Korea! U.S. Troops Out Of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Haiti!

Instead of waging war and exploitation on the world, let us follow Cuba’s model of sending doctors and humanitarian aid!

Re: End the trafficking and slavery of women and girls

"Unlike the US supported governments and forces in the Arab World, Iraqi women before the U.S. invasion had many rights found nowhere else in the Arab World except in the Asian republics of the former Soviet Union. Over 50% of Iraqi doctors were women. Iraqi women were allowed to walk unescorted in the streets. They were allowed to drive. Iraqi women could even freely criticize men. In addition Iraqi women had the right to work and control their own funds. This is in stark contrast to the treatment of women under the repressive U.S. backed governments of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia where women have no rights what-so-ever."

Oh yes, the right to be raped by Saddam's sons, to be mass murdered for the crime of being Shiite, to be gassed for the crime of being Kurdish - no wonder women all over the world were lining up to emigrate to Iraq. Oh, they weren't?

To blame the trafficking of women on capitalism is completely ludicrous. The evil behind such monstrous trade is driven by pure greed which unfortunately exists in virtually every society.

Kudos to any gov't that is taking any steps to limit this abhorrent trade. What's been done up to this point is nowhere near enough.

Re: End the trafficking and slavery of women and girls

I do not dispute the crimes of Saddam Hussein's capitalist government, but I am not naive enough to think that those had anything to do with why the U.S. invaded. Likewise, I was merely pointing out that life was much better for women living in Iraq under Saddam Hussein than it is for women living under U.S. allied governments like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. This was obvious in what I wrote, and if you read the whole thing you would see that it was not a big love fest for Saddam Hussein.

This unnamed person then states, "To blame the trafficking of women on capitalism is completely ludicrous."

Was Romania or any other eastern European country exporting child sex slaves before the capitalist counter-revolution? No they were not. Is India a capitalist country with a history of direct colonization and where working people today are kept even poorer through the unfair trade relations with capitalist imperialism? Yes it is.

It is the capitalist countries that have been involved in this trade. It is also the poverty created by capitalist imperialism that lures women into false promises. It is capitalism that creates the conditions for this entire capitalist trade.

If Cuba were exporting child sex slaves would you blame that on communism or on the inherent greed of some individuals? To me the answer and the double standard is obvious.

It is capitalism and its inevitable imperialism that is to blame for this barbaric practice.

Re: End the trafficking and slavery of women and girls

Sexism preceded capitalism by 5,000 years since the destruction of the Goddess Societies, an ongoing campaign which took more than 2,000 years. It still continued in Europe from the 14th to 17th centuries (murders of pagans and "witches")

Before men began to enslave other men, they first learned to enslave "their" women. Women in Falluhah are being raped by "our glorious troops" AND local men.

There will never be world peace as long as one woman is enslaved by men, is battered, raped, forced to have children she doesnt want, and paid pennies to work in the toxic factories owned by men.

Even before capitalism, the babylonians enslaved women and maintained huge operatons where 6,000 women and girl slaves wove fabric. (The Creation of Patriarchy by Gerda Lerner)

Under monarchies, which also preceded capitalism, woman peasants were raped by landlords who claimed the right to do so.

Under the Japanese and Chinese dynasties which preceded capitalism, women were enslaved as concubines and geishas.

Remove sexism and capitalism will immediately collapse since free women can regulate how many children they have and so, there can be no five year economic projections if the number of consumer/worker/breeder/soldier units cant be controled by anti choice laws and male supremacist cosmic hogwash (scripture)

Control of the uterus is the foundation of the male dominated global capitalist economy

Women, Capitalism, And The Iroquois Confederacy

The struggle for socialism is completely intertwined with the fight for women's liberation. Overcoming the repression and exploitation of women is an essential component of overcoming the subjugation of the entire working class.

There is no doubt that women were oppressed in many feudal societies before the advent of capitalism. Yet there were also pre-capitalist communal (communist) societies where the position of women in society was much better than under capitalism. One of these was the Iroquois Confederacy where their form of democracy was one where women were central to making decisions.

The Iroquois Confederacy was a voluntary union of the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca nations. Land was owned communally by the clans. Through cooperation the agricultural produce needed to feed the people was grown.

The clans were run by women. The clans would then decide on which male representative of they would agree to send to the Confederate government.

It was essential for the capitalists to destroy these communal societies in order to impose their system of exploitation on what is now called the United States.

Re: End the trafficking and slavery of women and girls

The inherent ethic of socialism is heart centered and is based on cooperation and sharing, which were the values of many early tribes. Although not perfect and still plagued by sexism, Cuba is closest of all modern nations to the eglatarian structure of the Goddess Societies in Creat, who enjoyed peace for 1,500 years

The inherent "ethic" of capitalism is selfishness and sociopathic (psychopathic) behavior. It is centered on non living money and is grinding up people and nature, turning living beings into gold. It is unsustainable and even if we do nothing, it is doomed to collapse as it goes even more insane.

Mother Nature bats last, and she will be here even after the 10,000 year reign of the insane naked monkeys is over.


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