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Are you the wrong kind of queer for the "gay community"??
Are you the wrong kind of queer for the "gay

GAY SHAME is a queer direct action extravaganza
that seeks to use queer identity as a point of
departure for dismantling all forms of hierarchy
including capitalism, racism, transphobia, and
classism. GAY SHAME is what you make it!!!

Come to the first meeting!
Wed, Feb 23 - 7pm
@ Wired Wash Cafe (next to Saturn on Laurel)


for more info: gayshamesc (at)
or visit

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Queer Indymedia

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Queer Indymedia

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Just Say "No!" to Gay Marriage!


Whatever happened to the time when being queer was an automatic challenge to the disgusting, oppressive, patriarchal institution of holy matrimony? Now, it seems that queers are so desperate to get their taste of straight privilege that they'll camp out in the rain with the hopes that the state will finally sanction their carnal coupling.

We are now faced with the spectacle of thousands of gay men and lesbians rabid with longing for any shred of acceptance from a violent, hypocritical establishment that really wants us dead. Don't forget-marriage is the central institution of that misogynist, racist system of domination and oppression known as heterosexuality. Don't get us wrong-we support everyone's right to fuck whomever they want-we're just not in favor of supporting the imperialist, bloodthirsty status quo.

Local, national and international-conservative and liberal-corporate and grass-roots media have all swarmed around City Hall as if Gavin Newsom is the vanguard leader of gay civil rights. Gavin Newsom came to power by aggressively pandering to the privileged gay vote with a message criminalizing poor people in a city wracked by years of greedy hyper-development. Now, he's giving back to the gays who got him elected. These are the same sellouts who have for years promoted gay marriage as the penultimate achievement on the road to "equality," yet they are now willing to bestow full credit upon Gavin Newsom for their own misguided work.

Newsom is using gay marriage as a wedge issue in order to get national press, and further his megalomaniacal quest for national power. What is depressing is that gay people are so blinded by their desperation for "rights" that they'll promote a cynical, closet-fascist as the messiah.


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