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local media blitz on social security card burning!

Social security reforms will let Bush take over the entire economy. Social security cards burn like modern draft cards! Protests against Nazi numbers and SSN tattoos coming!
The Bush administration’s so-called reform of Social security should be opposed because it is a scheme to take over the entire economy.

The biggest threat is ignored: Reforms will nationalize everything. If all SS taxes had been invested in stocks, then the government would own the entire economy today. Everyone is lucky that his stolen money was squandered.

The biggest outrage is ignored: that Americans are numbered as infants for lifetime surveillance. It has become a Nazi-style internal passport system.

The public obsesses about fine-tuning the theft program.

The Bush reform should be opposed in favor of the libertarian solution: end the scam and its Nazi numbering.

National numbering was imposed in 1935, as the USA followed the path of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazis). The federal government was growing massively and attempting to nationalize the economy in many ways. The pledge of allegiance to the USA's flag had its original straight-arm salute created by Francis Bellamy (an advocate of nationalization and a self-proclaimed national socialist in the USA) and it was the origin of the salute of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Government was taking over schools and imposing segregation by law and teaching racism as official policy. Laws required daily robotic chanting of the pledge upon the ring of a government bell, like Pavlov's lapdogs of the state.

After German Nazism fell, the USA's government schools continued segregation and racism, stopping in the 1960's. The USA also continued its Nazi numbering and its robotic pledge, with no stopping.

Today, the USA numbers babies, and government schools demand the numbers for enrollment, and the numbers track homes, workplaces, incomes, finances, and more, for life. School laws still tout the daily pledge, a bizarre ritual shunned by every other country.

The pledge of allegiance and the SS scam were both touted by the pledge’s author, who advocated “military socialism? and a government takeover of schools in order to produce an “industrial army? to nationalize everything (including people via national numbering). It is now the cornerstone of the USA’s police state.

As an attorney, I am asked if it is wise (or constitutional) for the U.S. government to number all youngsters and then steal their savings away for others via the so-called “social security program.? The program would have been struck down as unconstitutional but for the guile of the U.S.’s worst president, the socialist F.D.R., and a craven Supreme Court justice.

Is there only one Judge in the USA who has the courage to publicly say that social security is unconstitutional? Justice Janice Rogers Brown of the California Supreme Court (and nominated to the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit) said "Today’s senior citizens blithely cannibalize their grandchildren because they have a right to get as much 'free' stuff as the political system will permit them to extract..."

At this time, I am the only person warning of the danger of nationalization and totalitarianism in the SS reform proposal.

As the first person and the only person to organize a public burning of social security cards, I am proud to continue the libertarian fight. The only place with a photo of the historic event is

Even the Cato Institute, a libertarian think-tank, has been duped by propaganda. What is it about the phrase "the government will manage the investment of the funds" that some libertarians don't understand? It is not privatization, it is nationalization. It will destroy liberty quicker than school vouchers. Bush's nationalization of all industry is as lengthy, monstrous and incomprehensble as was Hillary's attempted nationalization of the medical industry. And when retirement occurs, the government proves that it owns the money by dribbling out only as much as social security would have provided, as if the plan is a perverted annuity scam. If that weren't terrorizing enough, its proponents act as if they are completely ignorant of the nationalization danger.

The "Burn Party" for socialist slave cards was inspired by the burning of draft cards in the 1960's. Socialist slave cards are the modern draft cards, and they are much worse. That only one public burning of SS cards has ever occurred is more proof of the capitulation of Amercians to socialism, to the police-state and to the surrender of liberty.

If the antidisestablishmentarianism does not end, then the USA's police state will worsen.

The most widespread example of the police state in the USA is the impoverishing social security system and its socialist slavery.

That is why social security numbers are known as Nazi numbers.

It was the same path that led to the socialist "Wholecaust" (of which the Holocaust was a part) with the socialist trio of horrid atrocities: the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics with 62 million killed; the Peoples' Republic of China, 35 million; the National Socialist German Workers' Party, 21 million. After the National Socialist German Workers' Party slaughter, the same genocidal socialist policies continued under the U.S.S.R. and the P.R.C.

Instead of being a beacon of freedom, the USA is still showing Nazism to the world.

The world is owed an apology for the horrid influence that government had (and still has in many ways) inside the U.S. and out in promoting socialized schools, military socialism within government schools, the creation of industrial armies, Nazi numbering, and daily robotic pledges of allegiance in military formation (that spread the infamous straight-arm salute).

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Libertarians Are Nuts! Defend Social Security!

The crisis in Social Security claimed by Bush and the corporate media is a lie.

Social Security is a good thing. It is needed and it works.

These Libertarians won't be happy until every social program is eliminated and all of the "useless mouths" are left to starve. That sounds a lot more like Nazism to me than Social Security.

Bush's plan sucks because it would indeed privatize and destroy Social Security.

These loony Libertarians would have us believe that Bush not only has no plan to privatize Social Security; but he is also using it as a Trojan horse as part of a secret plan to nationalize the entire economy. The last thing in the world that Bush and his capitalist friends want to do is nationalize the economy. In addition if Bush started to carry out such a plan I guarantee you the CIA will kill Bush faster than they did Kennedy.

Likewise the fascist Nazi movement was not socialist, but were instead pro-capitalist thugs ready to defend the capitalist system AGAINST the authentic socialist movement by any means necessary. That is why major German and American capitalists backed the Nazis and helped them take power.

Bush and the Capitalists: Keep Your Greedy Hands Off Of Social Security!

Workers Democracy International

Liberation News

Re: local media blitz on social security card burning!

Steve, if you knew any Libertarians personally (i.e. if you knew what you're talking about), you would see the hate-mongering blind error in uttering such drivel as Libertarians wanting "all the useless mouths to starve".

Speaking as a Libertarian and one who has helped a number of friends see the Libertarian light, we most assuredly do not wish to see even the "useless mouths" starve. Libertarians, as you would learn if you knew any, are often a very altruistic bunch.

We do take great offense at anyone parasitically subsisting on the backs of unwilling hosts. We reject all forms of theft, including Robin Hood-style theft on behalf of those less fortunate than the thief's victim.

However, we fully support anyone's choosing - of their own free will - to make voluntary contribution to the charity of his choice, whether via written cheque to the organization of his or her preference, or the donation of one's time and effort to a local cause.

We also agree, religious implications aside, with the axiom most often quoted of that Jesus guy:

"Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, and feed him for life."

Modern government-operated charity programs typically fail to recognize this aspect of human nature, taking the short-sighted and simplistic road of dolling out regular cash like a drug dealer keeping his clients hooked. We prefer the superior, though tougher, road of teaching, promoting, and encouraging self-sufficiency.

How many times have I heard someone state "Why would I want to get a job when I already get just as much money on welfare/Workman's Comp as I would get paid"? Many of your so-called "useless mouths" are not useless, but they are unwilling to make themselves useful so long as Robin Hood is handing out the spoils of his life of crime.

Sadly, too many Americans quite simply lack the far sightedness, grace, dignity, and responsibility to take the adult road of self-sufficiency, prefering instead the childish road of dependence.

Even if, like common criminals, they must resort to the thuggery of coercive taxation. Worse, at least the mugger on the street does his own dirty work and pretends neither innocence nor moral superiority as he picks our pockets.

But even these "useless mouths" we do not wish to see starve. We'd rather see them trained within their abilities to be productive members of society, or at the very least taken under the wing of whatever and whomever cares most for them, be that friends, family, or a local organization.

Some of us do donate to such organizations. Some even support the sick and indigent directly, in the form of our own family members.

Please, Steve, try to see your political opposition with open eyes. The goggles of partisan prejudice are blinding you.

Anyway, most Libertarians are well aware of the corruption in Bush's proposal. They sound the trumpet of privization, but the devil is always in the details and a close examination of Dubya's proposal shows that it is privatization in name only. Instead of the Fed using the cash to make low-interest loans to big business, they'll be "investing" it in government-selected stocks. i.e. those same big businesses.

In reality, the money still stays under government control both before, during, and after drawing "benefits".. exactly as your precious Big Brother policies have always done.

Same shit, slightly different horse.


Bush's proposal is a declaration of war on the American working class

The Libertarian says, "We do take great offense at anyone parasitically subsisting on the backs of unwilling hosts."

Like capitalists on the backs of the working class?

The Libertarian goes on, "We reject all forms of theft, including Robin Hood-style theft on behalf of those less fortunate than the thief's victim."

Then you should be struggling against capitalism, because it is capitalism, not Social Security and socialism that is theft. The only difference is that capitalism steals from the poor and gives to the rich.

Of Bush's proposed theft of Social Security you state, "In reality, the money still stays under government control both before, during, and after drawing "benefits".. exactly as your precious Big Brother policies have always done."

Nonsense! Bush is proposing to gut the Social Security program through privatization in favor of capitalist profit. Social Security was won through the hard fought battles of the working class in the first half of the last century. Bush's proposal is a declaration of war on the American working class.

Re: local media blitz on social security card burning!

"Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, and feed him for life."

What if the water in the pond is polluted and all the fish are dead? Then what, Mr. Libertarian? How you going to feed any mouths?

I favor a negative income tax instead

Here's a radical idea.
Eliminate welfare, foodstamps, child support, section 8, and virtually all social service programs which have huge bureacratic budgets that siphon of the tax funds that fund them to pay for the salaries of middle-class workers who make sure too many funds don't get distributed to the people who need them.

Replace this entire system with a negative income tax. This is how it would work. You file your taxes on April 15th, just like you do now. If your income is below a certain point, you get a check to make up the difference. The program is administered through the existing agency of the IRS which can cut checks as easily as it can submit bills.

The cost-savings would be huge!! By eliminating the oversite bureacracies, we could net an additional 40% or more of our money which could be passed on to the people who need it.

George McGovern had the negative income tax as part of his platform in 1972. However, the first person I know who proposed this was Richard Nixon!! (he didnt stand by it very long).

We dont have any objection to a widow with children receiving social security benefits, but we get all uptight about her when she is receiving welfare benefits, even when she left an abusive husband before applying for benefits.

Likewise, the whole child support collection system is too expensive to operate. We would save so much money if we just directly paid poor mothers rather than to go out and try to collect from the absent parent.


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