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Iran Provides Explanation for Unnerving Blast

Amid speculation about whether Iran's nuclear program is soley for peaceful uses, a blast was heard from the the general area of Iran's recently completed nuclear power plant. A plane was seen flying over the area at the time, and early reports said a missle had been fired.
Iran's most recent explanation is that an empty fuel tank may have fallen from the plane.
Nonetheless, this was enough of a trigger to raise the price of crude oil and send the stock market downward, given the recent sparring between the US and Iran and the possibility of Iran developing nuclear weapons.

Iran's power plant, built on a contract with Russia, is designed to be unsuitable for use in a weapons program, and although complete, it's not yet operational.

The most timely updates on this story seem to be from Reuters

Other sources worth checking are Canada's Globe and Mail and The Khaleej Times Online



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