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Why they shot Malcolm X

Malcolm X was killed when he also began to address the oppression of women, non muslims, and non blacks by the capitilist patriarchy. When he began to point the finger at the entire system that created racism AND sexism, he was seen as being too dangerous.

I think he was killed for the same reason Martin Luther King was killed. Both men, while focusing on racism, ALSO focused on the interent evil of the capitalist system which oppresses everyone who isnt wealthy.
This is an exerpt from an Amy Goodman interview with Prof. Manning Marable. After ten years of research, he is writing a biography on Malcolm X and the unknown events surrounding his murder . For the entire interview, visit Democracy Now's link

... "Malcolm continued to evolve rapidly. He never renounced and never stepped away from a strong commitment to black nationalism and black self-determination. That's absolutely clear if you do any analysis of his speeches. But what is clear is that he incorporated within the framework of black nationalism a pan-Africanist and internationalist perspective.

In doing so, he began to reassess radically earlier positions sexism and patriarchy. He began to break with notions of sexism that he had long held as a member of the Nation of Islam, and began to advance and push forward women leadership in the Organization of Afro- American Unity .

MMI brothers were very resistant to women such as Lynn Shiflet and others who emerged as leaders within the OAAU, so one of the tensions that occurred was around gender equality and gender leadership inside of Malcolm’s entourage. "

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Re: Why they shot Malcolm X

Thanks for posting this. I think that we as a people can move beyond the evil that killed Malcolm X only when we know the true story behind his murder. Then can we finally and truly come to grips with it.

I posted a reprint of the Shirley Chisholm obituary from this January. Contained in it was the following quotation: "As a black person, I am no stranger to race prejudice. But the truth is that in the political world I have been far oftener discriminated against because I am a woman than because I am black." Like Malcolm X, she was working against a sexist, racist patriarchal culture.

The Smoking Gun

On The Murder of Malcolm X: The Smoking Gun

Malcolm X on The Democrat Party

"Oh, I say you've been misled, you've been had, you've been took. I was in Washington a couple of weeks ago while [democratic] senators were filibustering, and I noticed in the back of the Senate a huge map. On this map it showed the distribution of Negroes in America, and surprisingly the same senators that were involved in the filibuster were from the states where there were the most Negroes. Why were they filibustering the civil-rights legislation? Because the civil-rights legislation is supposed to guarantee voting rights to Negro's in those states, and those senators from those states know that if Negro's in those states can vote, those senators are down the drain. The representatives of those states go down the drain. In the Constitution of this country, it has a stipulation wherein whenever the rights, the voting rights of people, in a certain district are violated, then the representative who is from that particular district, according to the Constitution, is supposed to be expelled from the Congress. Now if this particular aspect of the Constitution was enforced, why you wouldn't have a cracker in Washington D.C. But what would happen? When you expel the Dixicrat, you're expelling the Democrat. When you destroy the power of the Dixicrat, you're destroying the power of the Democratic Party. So how in the world can the Democratic Party of the South actually side with you, in sincerity, when all it's power is based in the South?"

More speeches from Malcolm X:

For more words from revolutionaries see the links section at Liberation News:

Re: Why they shot Malcolm X

Actually the following are more useful on the assassination of Malcolm X than the Smoking Gun Site I posted earlier. I don't know if these works exist on the internet.

Breitman, George, with Herman Porter and Baxter Smith. The Assassination of Malcolm X. New York: Pathfinder Press, 1988.

Sheppard, Roland (February 2003). The Assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. Holt Labor Library, Labor Studies and Radical History. San Francisco, CA

Breitman, George (1967). The Last Year of Malcolm X: The Evolution of a Revolutionary. Pathfinder Press. New York.

In addition the FBI COINTELPRO files of Malcolm X are also useful, but the site that provided those has been shut down.


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