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Cruzin' Cuba Films presents - Cuba Feliz

A musical journey across Cuba with El Gallo

7pm Thursday, March 17
Live Oak Grange, 1900 17th Avenue
$5 at the door
76-year-old troubadour Miguel del Morales (better known as El Gallo because he sings and struts like a rooster) hitchhikes across the Cuba carrying only his guitar - jamming with friends and strangers. Whether in the homes of friends, in bars or street corners, in courtyards or stairwells, the film takes the viewer on a musical journey through the very heart of Cuban music. We meet Mirta Gonzales with her platinum curls and robust voice and Pepin Veillant, an eccentric trumpet player who's as comfortable beat-boxing with a group of young rappers as he is tooting a horn. We’re even treated to an episode with a young rapper who wants to demonstrate the connection between his rap music and the music that’s his cultural legacy.

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