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Bush's European Trip Brought 100,000 + Out in Feb. Cold to Protest

Well over 100,000 met Bush with "Bush Not Welcome", "Go Home" and "Wanted For War Crimes" posters during his visit.
Brussels - For three consecutive days over a thousand people demonstrate against the Bush administration and the war in Iraq well into the night. A small group occupied the office of
Lockheed Martin.

Mainz - 12 to 15 thousand marched in Mainz. "There were rather smaller demonstrations already yesterday in approximately 20 cities - see for this the reports in the Indymedia Newswire."

Berlin - Nearly 100,000 people came out in the cold to make a statement against Bush.

Frankfurt - 1,500 people marched in the streets of Frankfurt.

Russia - No report as yet.

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Photos from the Protests in Belgium -- From European IMCs

While Bush was telling the American people this week that Europeans love the United States, he wasn't telling us how they didn't like *him* and his corrupt regime.

From Belgium IMC:

The slogan "The world holds you accountable" is a quote from Hans von Sponeck, former UN Humanitarian coordinator in Iraq (who resigned over the sanctions), from a mail he wrote to support this action.

It summarizes, according to the organizers, all the criticisms against the Bush-administration. That it is responsible for crimes against peace and the crimes against international law and the war crimes that come with it, for crimes against human rights (from Patriot Act to Guantànamo and Abu Graib) and against the planet (by not implementing Kyoto), that it is responsible for the organised theft and plunder of the resources of the world. On these levels the politics of president Bush are considered by the protesters and a large part of the Belgian and European public as a form of extremism, as the worse possible scenario that America as a world leader can write out to the planet.

It is not by incident that the human rights organizations, the environmentalist movement and the peace movement have joined force - 80 organisations subscribed the platform, from the big NGO’s to the small organisations. They have joined forces to appeal to their whole basis in civil society to come to Brussels and protest. It might be called a beautiful touch that it is intellectuals and artists who open this wave of protest; independently from these NGOs, but in solidarity with them.

The manifestation on Sunday was organized by the BRussells Tribunal, a temporary citizens initiative that organized a Russell-like tribunal against the ‘Project for the New American Century’ (the think tank behind the imperial war policies of the Bush administration) and its role in the invasion of Iraq. The Brussells Tribunal is part of the World Tribunal on Iraq, a series of hearings all over the planet on all aspects of the war in Iraq.

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