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Critical Mass; Bikes Over Branciforte

A critical mass bike ride of about 15 cyclists made its way through downtown santa cruz on the last friday of february before heading east to the branciforte overpass for a spontaneous bicycle hanging over highway one. about ten cycles, including a tandem, hung themselves on the fence as a silent suggestion to the autobots that they change their destructive ways.

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Re: Critical Mass; Bikes Over Branciforte

cool picture yea we need more trains ect that are more bike friendy ect mmm ya we need a revolution

Re: Critical Mass; Bikes Over Branciforte

Amazing pictures, Bradley, and great idea, Loose Bearings! I'm inspired. When is the next one?

Re: Critical Mass; Bikes Over Branciforte

Why in the world do these people think that 15 bicycles clogging traffic make anyone want to give up driving cars? I love bicycling,and in1970 lobbied Congress for Bike lanes and light rail. But most people can't bike to and from work .Can you imagine trying to ride to SanJose or Watsonville and back after working for 8 hours? If you want to solve tranport and environmental problems try giving up on overly simplistic answers. "Demonstrations' that demonize mainstream working people so that "activists'can feel good about themselves haven't worked so far. Critical mass has been active in S.F. for years and years,but there are more cars not less.What might work better than blocking traffic with bikes would be to block traffic with cars ,then have some bikes ride blithely by ,maybe wave,showing that they aren't trapped in cars.Blocking cars with bikes makes commuters hate bicyclists.Not effective.I have nothing against self indulgence,but as a political tactic it. not so hot.


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