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Profit(eer)s from Tsunami Relief Concert?

If not OxFam, then where?
A few thoughts on this strange event.

The UC Santa Cruz Tsunami Relief Benefit Concert charges $25 a head for admission. The question is, where does the money go? OxFam is no longer accepting donations for the Tsunami Relief. The flyer for this event also mentions that it will benefit "other relief organizations." Although OxFam was present at the event, the representative had no projections about income from the concert. When Jose Olivas, organizer of the event, was asked about the presence of other relief organizations as well as what percentage of the money would go to relief he clearly stated that he would not comment on this.

So the questions are ...

How much money is actually generated by this event (since it is doubtful that Ozomatli and Blackalious drove themselves here, played for free, and paid for their hotel rooms and it is even more doubtful that the Civic allowed the show to use its space for free)?

Where does this money (if any) go? Either OxFam takes it and puts it into its "Poverty Relief" fund (thus diverting it from its promised purpose) or refuses to take it.

And why the silence on the part of the concert organizers? (Perhaps "promoters" is a better word here).

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Re: Profit(eer)s from Tsunami Relief Concert?

i can't read what "your name" is, but thanks for asking some good questions and making some great points. i like Jose Olivas and appreciate all the great work he has done for this community, especially at UCSC, but i too would like to hear how much money is actually going to support people suffering as a result of the Tsunami.

putting on a show in santa cruz is certainly no easy task. just living in santa cruz is hard enough! Even if only a very small amount of money goes to support people suffering as a result of the Tsunami, i do not believe that Jose Olivas is trying to scam anyone here or make any money for himself. Again, it would be nice to have Jose answer these legitimate questions.

Re: Profit(eer)s from Tsunami Relief Concert?

This is the original poster of this message.

In regards to Jose Olivas's response -- he flatly said that he would not give any interview or answer any questions. Nothing more than that. A specific question was not directed toward him. This was unclear between the reporter and myself. I apologize if this was misleading.

Now That The Show Is Over...

What were the total costs?

Who donated their time, efforts, space?

Who didn't? How much did they charge?

How many people showed up?

If OXFAM has ceased accepting donations for Tsunami relief, then where is the money going?

It has recently come to light that many NGOs have struck "deals" with the notoriously corrupt and genocidal Indonesian military, giving them a "cut" of any money and/or goods being brought into the region. IS THE MONEY BEING GIVEN TO ORGS THAT WILL GUARANTEE THAT NONE OF THE MONEY GOES TO THE INDONESIAN MILITARY OR TO SIMILAR CORRUPT/VIOLENT REGIMES?

Why would an organizer refuse to give interviews and/or answer any questions? Maybe there's a good reason, but it certainly doesn't sound good at this point.

I want to know more...


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