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Call for Submissions: (un)civil society 1.1

a journal of emergent theory, short fiction, and artwork
(un)civil society.pdf (55 k)

(un)civil society
a journal of emergent theory, short fiction, and artwork

The Apocryphon Press Publishing Collective seeks innovative theory, short fiction, and black and white photography for publication in the new journal (un)civil society. We ask writers/artists/photographers to submit work touching upon the following topics and engage in an active creative process in the publication of their work. Please try to use the topic of the United States as a limiting factor.

... acceleration of history
... unraveling/challenging the U.S. national myth
... shadows of modern progress
... actions and interactions of imagined communities in the U.S.
... visualizing a post-U.S. world
... disjunctures in and between the nation and state in the U.S.
... things/people lost to history/national mythology
... moving beyond anarchism and Marxism

Please do not submit work focusing on the U.S. as empire. That project is beaten to death. Let's move beyond conventional ways of visualizing the U.S. and its situation internally and externally. We are looking for dangerous material. Please direct all conventional work to The Nation. Please limit all submissions to 10 double-spaced pages.

The working deadline for late summer publication is June 1, 2005.

please email all submissions and questions to
apocryphon press publishing collective
apocryphonpress (at)

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