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WILPF 90th Birthday Celebration

Celebrate WILPF's 90th Anniversary and International Women's Day on Sunday, March 6, 2:00 pm
Join us as we honor WILPF and Generations of Women of Courage: Veronica Lopez-Duran, Kathleen Hughes, Topsy Smalley, Jean Piraino, and Hilda Whitehead. Maude Meehan & Claire Braz-Valentine will read their poetry, Diane Patterson will perform her music, and Fabulous Prizes including a Mary Offerman painting and Annie Glass will be available! Prize tickets may be purchased at the event or by calling Nadine at 476-2277. This is a Fundraiser for National WILPF. De Anza Mobile Estates Clubhouse, 2395 Delaware Street, Santa Cruz. For additional information, call 831/457-6797.

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