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State Unclaimed Property & Money

What is unclaimed property?
By law, a holder is obligated to locate and unite unclaimed funds with owners within a specified time period. When the time period exceeds without successfully finding the owner (often times called "dormancy period"), the holder reports unclaimed property to state and federal departments.
That the United States holds unclaimed property more then $30 billion dollars. Each year, billions of dollars of unclaimed money and property become lost and as required by law, is turned over to state and federal government. This usually happens as a result of a death in a family and members of the family do not know of any assets that may exist. Assets may also become lost when an address change takes place resulting in payments being returned as "undeliverable", mistakes made by the post office, career/job change, status change (marriage/divorce), spelling mistakes (name/address) and when people simply forget or don't know.

Examples of unclaimed assets include:

Bank accounts (checking & savings), Cash dividends, stocks & bonds, Child support payments
Court deposits, Inheritances, Insurance benefits, Refunds, claims, returns & CD's, Mineral, oil & gas royalties, Safe deposit box contents, Tax refunds (IRS), Trust/General funds, Un-cashed checks, money orders, Unclaimed security deposits, Unclaimed wages, Unused gift certificates & Utility refunds.

Find out if you have unclaimed money or property!
Use the resources on this website to find out if there is unclaimed money, property or other assets that may due to you. Chances are high that your name is on one or more unclaimed property list!

There is no charge to search all states for their file to claim for Unclaimed Property. You can use this Web site to search for any body's property that may be lost or forgotten.

This Web site contains information about the Unclaimed Property Program and provides the forms you need when filing a claim for Unclaimed Property. Website as bellows:

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