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Weekly Anti-Civilization Bulletin

Dear friends and comrades...We are anti-civ friends and comrades from Turkey..As we have circulated infos and news about our weekly Bulletin (Against Civilization), we are pleased to give information about the last 40th issue of Against Civilization Bulletin...AC has been publishing since June 2004 as a part of our anti-civ resistance in our region...But we want more to hear and publish about anti-civ, green anarchist, anarcho-primitivist, animal/earth liberation, eco-defense DİRECT ACTİONS, prisoner news-writings-articles stuff from you...cause we need to circulate the idea of anti-civilisation that we and our Mother Earth needs...

With 8 page in the 40th issue there are various writings

+ "A Return to Wild Life-The Journey from 'Civilized' to 'Primitive' Living" or "How to Become a Godless Savage in Three Easy Steps" - RedWolfReturns
+ ALF Action
+ Is this Progress?
+ Nomadic Insurgency - Feral Faun
+ 2005 Green Anarchist Gathering (Spain)
+ Book Introduction: Natural Life and ve Revolt: Thoreau
+ Repression Against Anarchy in Malatya (East Anatolia)
+ Conscientious Objection Prisoners Bulletin February/2005.
+ Yabanil 2. issue

You can find and download the bulletin through visiting our website or you can send e-mail us...But it's Turkish...

IF YOU'D LİKE TO MAKE PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT YOUR WILD DREAMS, PLEASE SEND US ARTICLES, NEWS AND some writings (poems and more)...we are pleased to translate them in Turkish...

with warmest greetings...

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Re: Weekly Anti-Civilization Bulletin

HI All, check out

They have some great articles, including how we have all been domesticated. The site makes a logical stance in behalf of hunter gathering as being the normal state of humans and how agriculture was the worst invention ever, since it caused overpopulation, which led to larger groups of humans (the state) which in turn let to class oppression and sexism.


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