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March against Taco Bell (3/11)

Support Farmworkers

Massive Rally March 11th
Mission st. Taco Bell
March against Taco Bell

Support Farmworkers

Massive Rally March 11th, 3:30 at Mission st. Taco Bell

The farmworkers who pick the tomatoes that go in Taco Bell's products work in sweatshop conditions. That means sub-poverty wages, no overtime pay, no right to organize, and no benefits whatsoever.

We say it's time for Taco Bell to stop profiting off of farmworker poverty, and we need your help.

For more information on the Taco Bell boycott, go to:

Get involved in the Taco Bell boycott:

Comercio Justo! meets Wednesdays at 5pm in the Porter Fireside
Contact Jesse:
nacirema_non (at)

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Re: Boycott ended (was: March against Taco Bell (3/11)

A group of tomato pickers from Florida announced an end to a boycott of Taco Bell yesterday after the fast-food chain and its parent company agreed to meet demands to improve wages and working conditions for the farmworkers.

Also reported on Democracy now.

Re: March against Taco Bell (3/11)

The rally and boycott has been cancelled....
Taco Bell still sucks, and you should still buy your burritos elsewhere!

Re: March against Taco Bell (3/11)



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