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Letter from an activist that turned out to be FBI.

Old letter (circa 1991) from an activist I knew who later turned out to be an FBI informant. Posted to give you an idea on what to look for in infiltrators visa vi their backstabbing of other activists.
Dear XXX:

I was wonderful to see you again, what a surprise to find you here in California. I’ve been dying to tell you about my trip to El Salvador. Thanks for helping me to raise money for the trip. I’m still getting resettled in Palos Verdes and I’m glad to be home. Will you be staying in California? Be sure to give me your permanent address when you have one.

The trip to El Salvador was interesting, but it was disappointing too. I loved the people I met there (there was this wonderful little girl on a bus that gave me a little present for no reason at all). My real disappointment was with CISPES and Sarah (more on that later).

We flew from Boston to Guatemala city and then went by bus to the Salvadoran border. Because of the war, we couldn’t get into Chalatenango legally, so flying to San Salvador was out of the question. At the border, we were smuggled into Chalatenango where members of the FMLN took us to the first place we stayed. All along the way, Sarah told me to keep my mouth shut. Looks like I was there for show. We’ll that’s what I thought until later when Sarah stole my money.

It wasn’t safe to be there. I really don’t know why we went. My guess is that the FMLN makes money off our visits and having so many Americans passing through keeps them safer. Then again, we’re expected to come back and do presentations on what we learned, so they get our money and free PR too.

Anyway, you’ll have to wait for the full story when I can show you the slide show and do my presentation. My primary beef is with Sarah. After she led me around like a dog on a chain, she had the nerve to ask me, before we left, if the additional funds I brought (which she insisted on hanging onto) could be given to the FMLN. Before I got finished declining her suggestion, she told me she had already given my money to them (what a bitch!).

Look, XXX, CISPES isn’t what you think it is. Did you notice that everyone in the Boston group with any position of leadership is female? Sometimes we have met without the male members and Sarah gloats about how after so many years of patriarchy, its time for women to lead. No guys get into leadership positions because its prohibited. I’m also sick up to my neck with all the pro-Gay and pro-Lesbian crap. It gives me the goose bumps.

Look, I’m going to Catalina for a weekend, I’ll write you more then. You’re on my mind. I hope your wife doesn’t mind.

Love, XXX

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Re: Letter from an activist that turned out to be FBI.

While I think that it is great that you are sharing about your "friend-turned-FBI-informant," I have a lot of unanswered questions, such as, "How did you find out this person was an FBI informant?" or "What were they informing the FBI about?"

If you are going to post this, please include some analysis. Otherwise, it appears as heresay or a means to distract the activist community. In other words, rise above the standards of mainstream media, please.


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