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PMS MEDIA video vigil and potluck

4 documentary shorts and a potluck
march for womens lives, nu una mas, red wings star spangled, brought to you by PMS MEDIA
4 documentary shorts and a potluck at 425 market 7 pm in the backyard

march for womens lives: starring radical cheerleaders and noise bloc, documents teh march that broke us history.

ni una mas: documents the internation procession that marched across the el paso border to juarez mexico to bring attention to the kidnapping and murder of hundreds of women

red wings: a probing investigation into what the men at a bar near cornell college think of womens periods

star spangled: a short film about what local flagstaff, az residents feel about the american flag.

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Re: PMS MEDIA video vigil and potluck

this video showing is on the 15th or march NOT TODAY- sorry for the mistake.


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