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PoP dEFECT RADIO: 10 years a Pirates Life ARRGH!!

PoP dEFECT Radio 10yrs a Pirates life 1995-2005 Pirate radio songs Celebrating Freak Radio Santa Cruz 10 years of UNLICENSED Broadcast Community based Not for profit out of our pocket radio station.
PDR 10yrs a Pirates life 1995-2005 Audio Link:

- Mojo Nixon Skid Roper - Pirate Radio (FRSC remix) - Root Hog Or Die LP
- The Smugglers - Pirate Ships - Mutiny in stereoLp lookout rec
- $eth - Radiois my Bomb remix - AKOREX B Lp 1999
- The Gods Hate Kansas - Never start a sentence with my old rap
band - For Snakes CDEP New Disorder Records
- Fuck the FCC - Steve Earl (FRSC remix) -Revolution Starts now Lp 2004
- David Rovics - The Pirate Radio Show - Hang a Flag out the Window Lp
- Making Waves (sample mix) from the film by Micheal Layhey
- U Utah Phillips - Talkin NPR Blues Live from Rio Theater 12-04
FRSC Benifit part1:
- Playlist with Pump up the Volume mixed background
Christian Slater last words bustin into FRSC promo skidmix
Enjoy more Freak Radio Station Ids:

- Pirates and Freaks voice samples included in audio collages are: Phil Free, Old Lady Scar Arms, Vman, John Anderson, Janine Jackson, Skidmark Bob, Dj Matter Embryo vs Cherl Koal(during FCC Raid) Dj Sandino, Ld Brewer, Earth Mommer, FCC agent David Doon, Dj Bradley, other assorted pirates..ARRGH!!

Other cool Pirate Radio Music:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRSC 10 Years of RESISTANCE!!! at 89.3fm, 96.3fm 101fm(in stereo) ARRGH!!!

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10 years a Pirates Life ARRGH!!

Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3

(29:22 / 26.9 megabytes)


PoP dEFECT RADIO: Pissbottle Resistance

Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3

(1:30 / 2.1 megabytes)

Special mix w/Madd Mike the Wonder Dog from Freak radios eviction in 1996 Campbell st. QSL to the tune of Mike Watt Piss Bottle Man. FRSC 10 years of Resistance!! AARGH!!!


My Mom Listens to PoP dEFECT RADIO

Aarrgghhhh, matey!

I fucking LOVE PoP dEFECT Radio!

I listen to it every week (and then some).

To the extent that "someone" has to be the Mayor of Santa Cruz, I vote for Skidmark Bob. He'd be the best mayor ever! ;-p


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