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3/11/05 Newsflash: Palestinians Tear Down the Walls

March 11, 2005
Eric Stein Indymedia Reports
The International Solidarity Movement has announced a highly emotional victory of the people of Budrus, Ramallah - the people are tearing down Apartheid...
Budrus, Ramallah, 11 March 2005 — The West Bank village of Budrus have been struggling against the unprecedented Apartheid Wall. Designed to confiscate Palestinian land and water, the Israeli Defense Forces refer to it as the Separation Fence and claim that the de facto annexation of Palestinian land is a merely collateral damage. For more than one year, Budrus has been dealing with military intrusions, and finally a ray of hope emerged. They literally tore down the wall, destroying pieces of the Apartheid Wall which is built on their land.

According to an ISM press release, a wedding celebration early Friday afternoon was interupted as Israeli military and border police jeeps invaded the village. The IDF troops fired sound bombs, tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition inside the village. Israeli military and border police arrested 25 year old Hasan Mohammed Awad and wounded several unarmed Palestinian civilians with rubber bullets.

After the military left the villagers forced the gate open, shouting "No to the fence! Yes to peace!"

According to ISM, if the Wall is completed in the Western Ramallah area, 25,000 Palestinians in eight villages will be completely surrounded with no access to hospitals, places of employment and higher education.

Activists are sleeping in the village to show solidarity with the people of Budrus. They are also serving as witnesses in the event of military retaliation for today's nonviolent action of tearing down the fence.
Adam Keller PHOTO Courtesy of ISM
(c) 2005 Eric Stein

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Re: 3/11/05 Newsflash: Palestinians Tear Down the Walls

It's about time!

Re: 3/11/05 Newsflash: Palestinians Tear Down the Walls

thank you eric for sharing this great news with indymedia! tear down the walls and fences.


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