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The Male Supremacist God of Oz

Like the little man who manipulated the "wizard" from behind the screen in The Wizard of Oz, men hide behind and manipulate "God" using "him" as their coamic sock puppet to spew their male supremacist blather (the word of "god"
The word of "god" is male-supremacist mythology.
Men invented god. Since the "word of god" was written by and for men, men virtually are God. So, worshipping God is actually worshipping MEN (idolatry).
Writing the script (scripture) for their cosmic ventriloquist's dummy, men use "god's word" to grant themselves power over women, controlling them by spiritual blackmail, a fear-based belief in a punishing, all-seeing god (spiritual surveillance).
Like the man behind the screen manipulating the phony threatening wizard (The Wizard of Oz), men use their fictitious punishing gods to maintain power.
Heretics looked "behind the screen," exposing "god" as arrogant men.
That's why they were burned at the stake.
Scripture (written by men) claims women must obey men. Abortion is forbidden.
"God" (since "he" doesnt exist), neither said women must obey men nor forbade birth control and abortion. Men did.
Mandating pregnancy supplies consumer/worker/breeder/soldier units that enrich men, expanding their economy.
Mandating pregnancy is men using women like farmed animals. Exploiting animals and women are interconnected abuses of power.
Protecting “human life" isn't the issue. Contraception preventing fetuses is also opposed, while soldiers kill 18-year-old ex-fetuses in men's wars.
War also "stops a beating heart."
It's about economics. If women had reproductive rights, they couldn't be forced to manufacture consumer/worker/breeder/soldier units to keep the male-dominated global economy expanding unto famine and ecocide.
“The defenders of authority dread a woman’s right to choose! Who would fight the wars? Who would create wealth? Who would make the policemen, the jailers, if women were to refuse the indiscriminate breeding of children?" said Emma Goldman in 1917.
Of ninety million babies born annually, eighty million were ill-timed or unintended (UN Population Fund).
A study at Toronto's York University found whenever young males reach 35% of the population, war is imminent. ("Excess of young men cited as spark that ignites wars" Boston Globe 9/21/98; Alarm raised on Asia's males

The real "pro-life" issue is self-defense. Anti-choice men force most of the world's women to bear the surplus male monsters that will dominate, rape and kill women in future wars—started by men.
Anti choice men control women and women's reproduction because they fear women will decrease their numbers and eventually eliminate them —by birth control or abortion.
A woman in the movie "Rain Without Thunder" (rent the video) said anti-abortion politics is fueled by "men's fear of their own annihilation at the hands of women."
Visit and read "A woman’s Book of Choices, Abortion, Menstrual Extraction RU-486" by Rebecca Chalker and Carol Downer to learn to control your reproduction at home.

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Re: The Male Supremacist God of Oz

Perhaps god is too small a word anyway. The "Nameless" may be a better reference to the spirit of the Universe.
Some women are also fueling the fear and greed of men by encouraging and participating in the unending first priority of the protection of their ( both men's and women's) assets at all cost.

Re: The Male Supremacist God of Oz

Sophia wrote: Some women are also fueling the fear and greed of men by encouraging and participating in the unending first priority of the protection of their ( both men's and women's) assets at all cost.

How true. Women have been brainwashed by the male supremacist system of patriarchy. NO woman alive today knows what its like to be free. To be able to walk anywhere without fear of male assault.

All women are decended from slaves (their female ancestors.)

Some choose the easy road to wealth and power by identifying with male supremacists and by shaping their behavior to be acceptable to the male supremacists in power (Margaret Thatcher, the Queens of various natons, etc.

This behavior includes oppressing their sisters.

Every group contains traitors who side with the oppressor, such as "apples" (Native Americans who are red on the outside but white on the inside— and ""oreos" blacks who are black on the outside and white on the inside.

I have contempt for such individuals.

Women who side with male supremacists against other women may be called "patriarchal women" to emphasize that they identify with a dysfunctional male CULTURE.

Patriarchy is a CULTURE which can be seen by the fact that not all men are patriarchal and some women are.


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