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Save the Salinas Public Libraries

ALL of Salinas's public libraries are scheduled to SHUT DOWN for lack of funds. Join an Historic 24-Hour Emergency Read-In to save them!
Join an Historic 24-Hour Emergency Read-In

* Save the Salinas Public Libraries
* Celebrate Your Love of Books

Saturday, April 2nd, 1:00p.m.
to Sunday, April 3rd, 1:00p.m.
at Cesar Chavez Public Library, Salinas
Then at 1:00p.m. Sunday we will join festive Cesar Chavez Holiday Celebrations

ALL of Salinas's public libraries are scheduled to SHUT DOWN for lack of funds

We MUST not and WILL not allow this to happen

Libraries are the soul of our communities, providing vital services to all-especially the most low-income members and children. If we allow the Salinas libraries to close, we will see a wave of library closings throughout the country. We NEED YOU to help save our libraries!

Join famous authors, poets, elected officials, community folks and book lovers from all over the state for a 24-hour celebration of reading and literacy, starting at 1pm on Saturday, April 2nd and culminating on Sunday, April 3 with the yearly Cesar Chavez Holiday march and cultural celebration in Salinas. Bring your family, your sleeping bag, and your favorite books!!!

We will be calling on Governor Schwarzenegger and other elected officials to find equitable solutions to pay for the operating costs of our libraries in poorer communities. We'll be asking why is there money to send California's National Guard to fight in Iraq, but not money to fund our libraries. As taxpayers, we'll be saying that we want our priorities to be books, not bombs.
Can we unite to keep Salinas libraries open?
Si, Se Puede! Yes, we can!

Contact us for information on carpools, overnight accommodations, etc. Let us know you are coming. Find out how you can help. Email: sam (at), call 415-575-5555 or in Salinas 831-754-5554, or visit
For more info on the libraries see

Sponsors: United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO, Salinas Action League, CodePink: Women for Peace, La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE), Global Exchange, Vote! The Citizenship Project

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